Sales Information Sample Clauses

Sales Information. The Obligors shall deliver, or procure that there is delivered, to the Trustee:
Sales Information. Company shall furnish to Bank on a quarterly basis (CHRSfiscal quarter) a report showing Company’s total sales of Goods and/or Services, categorized by tender type, once Company’s sales information has been made public.
Sales Information. On or before the fifteenth (15th) day of each month, a report in a form and substance satisfactory to Lender showing the previous month's reservations and sales of, and cancellations of reservations and sales of Timeshare Interests at each Resort.
Sales Information. Commencing on the date of this Agreement and until the Promissory Note of Ascent to Upsher-Smith of even date herewith is paid in full in accordance with its terms, Ascent shall provide Upsher-Smith with a monthly report of Ascent's sales of Products manufactured hereunder categorized by each of SKU and class of trade. XI - RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT SERVICES
Sales Information. An initial one (1) time download (file format specification to be provided by Buyers) of the available historical sales transaction data extracted from the Florida POS systems (excluding credit card data) in a flat file readable format (non-TLOG format, assuming MATRA output), then a daily update of changes until conversion to the GFS Stores systems is complete.
Sales Information. (a) NBIX shall, through the JSC, and at all times upon BIAL’s written reasonable request, keep BIAL informed of the status of the commercialization of the Licensed Products in the Territory.
Sales Information. Solution Provider/ Component Provider shall share sales information pertaining to its Certified Open Compute Products with OCP on a quarterly basis, including customer segment and sales volumes of Solution Provider/Component Provider ’s Certified Open Compute Products, except to the extent such information cannot be shared due to Solution Provider/ Component Provider’s confidentiality obligations to customers or other third parties. OCP shall treat such information as confidential, shall use such information only for the purpose of administering the Solution Provider/ Component Provider Program, and shall not disclose such information to third parties without Solution Provider/ Component Provider’s prior written consent.
Sales Information. 32.1 If requested by the Authority, the Contractor shall provide the Authority with statements giving accurate and complete details of the quantity and value of the Services provided by the Contractor to the Authority pursuant to the Contract. The frequency, format and level of detail to be included in such statements shall be as specified by the Authority in the Purchase Order (or, if no such description is set out in or attached to the Purchase Order, as set out in or attached to any documentation inviting the Contractor to tender for the appointment to provide the Services, including any documentation issued, or made available, to the Contractor).