Optimization Sample Clauses

Optimization. Speed. ICP will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that: (a) the functionality and features within the ICP Internet Site are optimized for the client software then in use by AOL Members; and (b) the ICP Internet Site is designed and populated in a manner that minimizes delays when AOL Members attempt to access such site. At a minimum, ICP will ensure that the ICP Internet Site's data transfers initiate within fewer than fifteen (15) seconds on average. Prior to commercial launch of any material promotions described herein, ICP will permit AOL to conduct performance and load testing of the ICP Internet Site (in person or through remote communications), with such commercial launch not to commence until such time as AOL is reasonably satisfied with the results of any such testing.
Optimization. System optimization support will be provided by RF using Contractor provided optimization tools (primarily using items from Ericcson). The optimization is divided into the following sub-tasks:
Optimization. 16.1 Once the Statement of Partial Acceptance of ACCESS has been issued, the CONTRACTED PARTIES shall undertake to monitor the ACCESS System, with a view to improving the quality of coverage, both in terms of coverage and of reception / transmission of data, in accordance with the criteria described in the CONSOLIDATED RFP.
Optimization. (i) * * *
Optimization. TalkCity shall optimize TalkCity Content to work well in display and functionality with the WebTV Network Service and complement other WebTV Network Service features. TalkCity will cooperate with WNI to optimize TalkCity Content delivery based on user demographic information as maintained and provided by WNI.
Optimization. 2.14 Contingency and Recovery.
Optimization. As of the date of this Agreement, Schedule 4.23 includes all contracts pursuant to which any Company Entity purchases, sells, stores or transports natural gas for its own account ("Optimization Contracts"). The total volume of natural gas each Company Entity is obligated to sell and deliver pursuant to all Optimization Contracts is equal to (a) the total volume of natural gas to which such Company Entity has title free and clear of all Encumbrances other than Permitted Encumbrances and holds in storage at the Swan Facilities plus (b) the total volume of natural gas such Company Entity has the right to acquire free and clear of all Encumbrances other than Permitted Encumbrances under Optimization Contracts. Each Company Entity holds sufficient rights pursuant to all Optimization Contracts for storage and transportation necessary to receive and deliver natural gas at the receipt and delivery points indicated in each Optimization Contract for the purchase or sale of natural gas. The Optimization Contracts are accurately reflected in the Company Financial Statements.
Optimization i) Microsoft shall optimize the delivery of Paid Listings by evaluating performance across all Microsoft O&O Properties and the Yahoo! Properties and the Paid Listings provided by Microsoft will be optimized at parity with Microsoft’s optimization for the Microsoft O&O Properties. Specifically, Microsoft shall optimize Paid listings for Yahoo! Results Pages at full parity as it does for Microsoft’s primary search Web site (currently Bing.com), including the Microsoft API [*] and responses to ad calls [*]. Yahoo! may further optimize based on its own desired implementation while preserving the rank order of returned Paid Listings. Accordingly, Yahoo! will receive from the Paid Search Services portion of the Microsoft API the same optimization data that is available to Microsoft via the Paid Search Services portions of the Microsoft API for use on the Microsoft O&O Properties (and if Microsoft uses any data or information outside of the Paid Search Services portion of the Microsoft API to optimize Results on the Microsoft O&O Properties, then it will make such data or information available to Yahoo! as well). Such data will include, at a minimum, the data elements described in Section 3(h)(i)(1) below. Microsoft will make available additional performance data [*] via the standard functionality of the Paid Search Services functions of the Microsoft API that Yahoo! may download and use for its offline optimization analysis and sales efforts for Premium Direct Advertisers. Yahoo! may conduct independent bucket testing as it desires to determine its desired optimization. Microsoft will provide Yahoo! with all reporting from such testing as reasonably requested by Yahoo! (and in no event less than the level of reporting generated from Microsoft’s own bucket testing). Microsoft shall inform and make available to Yahoo! all optimization techniques, including when Microsoft develops more customizable or site-specific optimization techniques.