Operating Sample Clauses

Operating. If, in any calendar year, the Operating Expenses for the Property of which the Premises are a part, are in excess of the amount of the Base Operating Expenses, LESSEE will pay to LESSOR, as additional rent hereunder, when and as designated by notice in writing by LESSOR, the amount of the excess multiplied by the Escalation Factor. Operating expenses are defined for the purposes of this agreement as: The aggregate costs or expenses reasonably incurred by LESSOR with respect to the operation, administration, cleaning, repair, maintenance and management of the premises including, without limitation, those items enumerated in "Exhibit C" attached hereto. Any such accounting by LESSOR shall be binding and conclusive upon LESSEE unless within thirty (30) days after that giving by LESSOR of such accounting, LESSEE shall notify LESSOR that LESSEE disputes the correctness of such accounting, specifying the particular respects in which the accounting is claimed to be incorrect.
Operating. Percent (%) of the cost of Operating the Joint Property exclusive of costs provided under Paragraphs 1 and 9 of Section II, all salvage credits, the value of injected substances purchased for secondary recovery and all taxes and assessments which are levied, assessed and paid upon the mineral interest in and to the Joint Property COPAS-1986-OFFSHORE Recommended by the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies
Operating. The LESSEE shall pay to the LESSOR as additional rent hereunder when and as COST designated by notice in writing by LESSOR, % percent of any increase in ESCALATION operating expenses over those incurred during the calendar year . (fill in or delete) Operating expenses are defined for the purpose of this agreement as: This increase shall be prorated should this lease be in effect with respect to only a portion of any calendar year.
Operating. Once the unit is on line, it may be controlled either manually or automatically from the Mark V control Operator Interface. Manual control is provided by the governor raise/lower control displayed on the operator interface screen. Automatic operation is switched on when the operator selects one of three load points (preselect or base) from the turbine control interface. For a fully automatic start with automatic loading to base load, the operator selects the "Auto" operating mode, enables auto synchronization and selects "Base" load. Given a "Start" signal, the unit will then start, synchronize and load to Base load with no further input on the part of the operator.
Operating. 1. An “OP-4, 1st Yearhired to become an “OP-1” will progress from “OP-4” within the times shown.
Operating. RESPONSIBILITY Owner, in accordance with the terms of this Contract during the Term hereby delegates to Operator the exclusive authority and responsibility for the management and operation of the Hotel and Operator undertakes to operate and manage the Hotel in accordance with the terms hereof and in the same manner as is customary and usual in the operation of other similarly managed hotels in the same general geographical area and appealing to the same market in the Sheraton hotel system in the Sheraton Asia-Pacific Division subject to the operation always being of an international five-star service standard. Owner agrees to provide the necessary funds to maintain the Hotel as an international five-star Hotel. Operator shall have full powers to operate and manage the Hotel and shall make its best efforts to achieve good results.
Operating. On-site and formal training of the Kriel Power Station operations training department staff (trainers) during work on site whereby the appointed staff can familiarize themselves with the plant layout and gain first-hand experience of the plant operations. The operator training shall take trained staff from basic plant knowledge to advance knowledge of unit operations and control system. Trained staff shall be able to apply knowledge of plant process dynamics and control system behaviour to be able to control the unit through normal operating regimes, as well as cope with abnormal and unanticipated operating conditions. It is required that all trained staff be certified to train other operations staff members on Kriel Power Station. A minimum of 4 trainers nominated by the Project Manager are fully trained on the plant no later than one week before completing the first unit. This is to prepare them for the start-up and normal operating duties.
Operating. No action or investigation is pending or, to the best of Mortgagor's knowledge, threatened before or by any court or administrative agency which might result in an Event of Default after the giving of any required notice and the expiration of all applicable cure periods. Mortgagor is not in violation of any agreement, the violation of which might reasonably be expected to result in an Event of Default after the giving of any required notice and the expiration of all applicable cure periods, and Mortgagor is not in violation of any order, judgment, or decree of any court, and has no knowledge of violation by the Mortgagor of any statute or governmental regulation to which it is subject.
Operating. The Grantee shall apply all Operating Grant Funds provided under this contract to the Operating Expenses incurred in the provision of public transportation service within Highland County, Ohio.