Officials Sample Clauses

Officials. The Plan will notify DBI of the current name and contact information of the Plan Administrator, the Privacy Official, and any other person that has the authority to act on behalf of the Plan with respect to the provisions contained in this Agreement.
Officials. Officials who are entered before the competition in a certain function, cannot change that function afterwards. The accreditation made upon registration is valid from the first till the last day of the competition.
Officials. 18.1 FILA Officials FILA officials are nominated as such by the FILA President and work for the event for the FILA. FILA officials must have special status, their identity cards must be appropriate. These identification cards will enable officials to have access to all the areas covered by the event.
Officials. Each CART official will be issued a permanent CART picture I.D. license/credential. This credential will permit access to the facility and restricted areas including the pit area at all times during any CART Event. At specified Events, a limited number of special credentials may be issued to allow only necessary and appropriate personnel access to the pit area thirty (30) minutes prior to and during the CART race.
Officials. Officials for the Game shall be assigned and compensated by the Home Team.
Officials. 1. Officials shall enjoy, within and with respect to the Republic of Croatia, the following privileges and immunities:
Officials. 7.1 The Authority Project/Contract Officer is: