Officials Sample Clauses

Officials. 1. The Registrar shall, when engaged on the business of the Tribunal, be accorded diplomatic privileges, immunities and facilities.
Officials. Each CART official will be issued a permanent CART picture I.D. license/credential. This credential will permit access to the facility and restricted areas including the pit area at all times during any CART Event. At specified Events, a limited number of special credentials will be issued to allow only necessary and appropriate personnel access to the pit area thirty (30) minutes prior to and during the CART race.
Officials. The Plan will notify DBI of the current name and contact information of the Plan Administrator, the Privacy Official, and any other person that has the authority to act on behalf of the Plan with respect to the provisions contained in this Agreement.
Officials. Section 1. The Bureau or the General Secretary as its duly authorized representative, shall from time to time communicate to the Government of Denmark the names of those officials to whom the provisions of this Article and Article IX shall apply.
Officials. The officials for each game shall be selected by the FHSAA, and the FHSAA shall pay their expenses and fees.
Officials. Officials who are entered before the competition in a certain function, cannot change that function afterwards. The accreditation made upon registration is valid from the first till the last day of the competition. Organizers will be required to be very observant to all points in relation to environmental issues. Stamp and Signature for WAE: Stamp and Signature for MA: ……………………………….. ………………………………… Mario Scarzella - President Print Name of the MA President Stamp and Signature for LOC ………………………………… Print Name of the LOC President Organizer Agreement European Championships as per 1.1.2019 No entry forms will be available to register for this event; the registration process must be completed using WAREOS. Member Associations can login WAREOS at with the username and password assigned by World Archery. After entering WAREOS, selecting the event from list will allow a member association to register their athletes. Select/pressEntriesbutton to see list of categories in the event. Select/press the “Categoryto enter the athlete and official numbers/details participating for that event. For any questions regarding the WAREOS, please contact the World Archery office, Mr. JK LEE ( A maximum number of three (3) athletes per country can be registered into each category and divisions of the event. End of Preliminary registration: End of Final registration: Please respect the stated deadlines. Member Associations should only use WAREOS to make any changes/amendments to their entries and will be able to do so at any time. Any changes made in WAREOS an email will be automatically sent to the Organizing Committee and Member Association with the updated information. However, any changes that are made after the deadlines specified or if entries differ by more than 4 athletes from the preliminary entries, the following penalty fees will automatically be applied: Penalty fees to be paid to Organising Committee: Cost (EURO): Entries made after the preliminary and/or final entry deadline date. 45 per entry If final entries differ from the preliminary entries by more than 6 athletes/officials. 140 per entry Failure to have made preliminary entries before the deadline date but then have submitted final entries. 140 per entry Any entries received less than 3 days before the team managers meeting will be refused if no preliminary entry and/or final entry are made prior.
Officials. Those officials designated by the State to fulfill the role set forth in Paragraph 6(a) above shall collectively be known as the "SGO".
Officials. 1. There shall be two or more timers, a field flag judge, and a barrier judge.
Officials. The Home Team will provide the required number of certified referees for each game and will be solely responsible for all referee costs, including all transportation, lodging and meal expenses, if any.
Officials. Article 14