Officials Sample Clauses

Officials. 1. The Registrar shall, when engaged on the business of the Tribunal, be accorded diplomatic privileges, immunities and facilities.
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Officials. Members of immediate family of elected or appointed officials shall not be appointed to District employment.
Officials. The BOG shall approve all officials who work at the track and are supplied by XXXX, and who actively help keep the show rolling, such as the starter, scorers, stewards, and other personnel. CR-6 OIL AND WATER, THROWING OR DROPPING Any car seen and proven to be leaking or otherwise dropping any fluid on the track will be disqualified as dangerous and be removed from competition until such time as the problem is corrected.
Officials. Officials who are entered before the competition in a certain function, cannot change that function afterwards. The accreditation made upon registration is valid from the first till the last day of the competition.
Officials. Section 1. The Bureau or the General Secretary as its duly authorized representative, shall from time to time communicate to the Government of Denmark the names of those officials to whom the provisions of this Article and Article IX shall apply.
Officials. In case of emergency, due to non-availability of water supply due to the reasons beyond control, the contractor will arrange for supply of water tankers after seeking permission from the Bank's authorities and cost thereof shall be reimbursed by the Bank as per prevailing market rates.
Officials. MHSA shall hire equally qualified officials for female and male sports during the final tournaments and use Montana Officials Association (M.O.A.) ratings to comply with this requirement. For both regular seasons and tournament play MHSA shall set rates for officials officiating female volleyball at not less than the same rate paid to officials of volleyball consistent with the national norm.
Officials. A school district shall hire the best available, qualified officials for male and female extracurricular sports during regular season games and shall utilize M.O.A. ratings to comply with this requirement.
Officials a) Upon receiving notification of names and addresses of adjudicators the organiser must make contact outlaying travel arrangements to be considered as well as fees to be paid.
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