Notarization Sample Clauses

Notarization. The parties hereby agree and confirm: this Agreement is held to be enforceable and executed compulsorily after the notarization and Party A may apply for court enforcement which Party B shall accept unconditionally and waive the right of defense according to this Agreement in case that the debtor fails to repay the principal and interest due and other payable expenses or of any infringement by Party B as stipulated in Article 12 hereof,
Notarization. The Borrower shall, within thirty (30) days after receipt by the Borrower from the Administrative Agent of the original notarized and legalized in the Brazilian consulate signature pages of any Financing Document executed after the Signing Date, with the signatures of the parties to such Financing Document signing outside Brazil, deliver to the Administrative Agent:
Notarization. As soon as practicable (and in any case by no later than thirty (30) days from the Effective Date), [Government or Project Company] shall notarize an original counterpart of this Agreement at the Lao Notary Office, as evidenced by such relevant office or affixing its official seal on this Agreement. Project Company shall bear the notarization fee payable on the notarization of this Agreement.
Notarization. 14.1 Any notarization expenses incurred at either of these two partiesrequest shall be borne by the Debtor. Such notarization shall be performed by competent authorities.
Notarization. Executed in duplicate on the date first above written: tenant/livestock owner landlord/pasture owner State of County of On this day of , A.D. , before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in said State, personally appeared , to me known to be the identical persons named in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that they executed the same as their voluntary act and deed.
Notarization. 12.1 Party A and Party B hereby agree and confirm that if this Agreement is notarized by notary public office, it will be an enforceable document to the creditor’s right.
Notarization. Buyer shall have notarized at its sole expense (a) this Agreement or (b) if permitted under Spanish law, a separate short-form purchase agreement reflecting the applicable Buyer’s acquisition of the Spanish Purchased Assets for the applicable portion of the Purchase Price, as a Spanish public document (escritura pública) before a Spanish notary public by granting a public deed in form reasonably satisfactory to Parent and Buyer ratifying the content of such agreement, acknowledging its obligations under such agreement and attaching such agreement to such public deed no later than one month prior to the Closing Date.