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NICE. Rehabilitation after critical illness in adults 2017: Available from:
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NICE. Rehabilitation after critical illness in adults. 2009. Contract No.: CG83.
NICE. Initial dose Initiating treatment: 500mg od for the first week, 500mg bd for the second week, 1g morning and 500mg evening for the third week, then 1g bd. Consider lower doses if renal or hepatic impairment or older person. Duration of therapy is indefinite. May be stopped on specialist advice after prolonged period of disease remission. Response to treatment is usually seen within 3 months. Maintenance dose Usual maintenance dose is 1g bd. Maximum dose Occasionally higher doses are used up to a maximum of 3g daily. Monitoring: Baseline (Hospital) FBC, LFT, U&E, Creatinine, GFR, Chest X-ray within the last 6 months, CRP Initial (hospital) until patient stabilised FBC LFT, albumin, U&E Every two weeks until dose and monitoring is stable. Monthly thereafter for 3 months and if stable continue with 2 monthly monitoring. Routine (GP) After stabilisation period: FBC, LFT, albumin, U&E 2 monthly Any increase in dose FBC, U&E, LFT, albumin every 2 weeks until stable dose for 6 weeks then back to previous schedule Indications of when to withhold treatment and seek advice from the Specialist Test/ Indicator Result Additional action WBC <3.5 x 109/L Neutrophils <2.0 x 109/L Platelets <150 x 109/L ALT >100 units/L MCV >105 fL Check B12, folate and TSH. If abnormal treat any underlying abnormality. If normal, discuss with specialist team. Unexplained fall in albumin Creatinine>30% above baseline +/- GFR<60