Network Harm Sample Clauses

Network Harm. 3.6.1 Neither Party will use any service related to or use any of the services provided in this Agreement in any manner that interferes with either Party's customers; causes electrical hazards to either Party's personnel, damage to either Party's equipment or malfunction of either Party's billing equipment (individually and collectively, “Network Harm”). If a Network Harm will occur or if a Party reasonably determines that a Network Harm is imminent, such Party will, where practicable, notify the other Party that temporary discontinuance or refusal of service may be required; provided, however, wherever prior notice is not practicable, such Party may temporarily discontinue or refuse service forthwith, if such action is reasonable under the circumstances. In case of such temporary discontinuance or refusal, such Party will:
Network Harm. Neither Party shall use any Interconnection, Resale Service, Network Element, function, facility, product or service provided under this Agreement or any other service related thereto or used in combination therewith in any manner that materially interferes with any person in the use of such person's Telecommunications Service, prevents any person from using its Telecommunications Service, materially impairs the quality of Telecommunications Service to other carriers or to either Party's Customers, causes electrical hazards to either Party's personnel, damage to either Party's equipment or malfunction of either Party's billing equipment. Upon such occurrence either Party may discontinue or refuse service, but only to the extent necessary to respond to such emergency.
Network Harm. Both Parties shall work cooperatively to prevent use of any service provided in this Agreement in any manner that interferes with third parties in the use of their service, prevents third parties from using their service, impairs the quality of service to other carriers or to either Party’s Customers, causes electrical hazards to either Party’s personnel, damage to either Party’s equipment, or malfunction of either Party’s billing equipment.

Related to Network Harm

  • Network Services Preventive care: 100% coverage. Preventive services include, but are not restricted to routine physical exams, routine gynecological exams, routine hearing exams, routine eye exams, and immunizations. A $100 single and $200 family combined annual deductible will apply to lab/diagnostic testing after which 100% coverage will apply. A $50 copay will apply to CT and MRI scans.

  • Network Services Local Access Services In lieu of any other rates and discounts, Customer will pay fixed monthly recurring per-circuit local loop charges ranging from $152 to $1,504 and non-recurring charges ranging from $200 to $1,000 for DS-1 and DS-3 Access Service at 4 CLLI codes mutually agreed upon by the Customer and the Company.

  • Network PHARMACY is a retail, mail order or specialty pharmacy that has a contract to accept our pharmacy allowance for prescription drugs and diabetic equipment or supplies covered under this plan. NETWORK PROVIDER is a provider that has entered into a contract with us or other Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans. For pediatric dental care services, network provider is a dentist that has entered into a contract with us or participates in the Dental Coast to Coast Network. For pediatric vision hardware services, a network provider is a provider that has entered into a contract with EyeMed, our vision care service manager.

  • Network Access The Licensed Materials will be stored at one or more Publisher´s locations in digital form accessible by telecommunication links between such locations and authorized locations of Licensee and Participating institutions.

  • Use of Verizon Telecommunications Services 2.1 Verizon Telecommunications Services may be purchased by Z-Tel under this Resale Attachment only for the purpose of resale by Z-Tel as a Telecommunications Carrier. Verizon Telecommunications Services to be purchased by Z-Tel for other purposes (including, but not limited to, Z-Tel’s own use) must be purchased by Z-Tel pursuant to other applicable Attachments to this Agreement (if any), or separate written agreements, including, but not limited to, applicable Verizon Tariffs.

  • The Web Services E-Verify Employer Agent agrees to, consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and policies, commit sufficient personnel and resources to meet the requirements of this MOU.

  • Data Services In lieu of any other rates or discounts, the Customer will receive a discount equal to 15% for the following Data Services: Access: Standard VBS3 Guide local loop charges for DS-1 Access Service.

  • Network Upgrades The Transmission Provider or the Transmission Owner shall design, procure, construct, install, and own the Network Upgrades described in Attachment 6 of this Agreement. If the Transmission Provider and the Interconnection Customer agree, the Interconnection Customer may construct Network Upgrades that are located on land owned by the Interconnection Customer. Unless the Transmission Provider elects to pay for Network Upgrades, the actual cost of the Network Upgrades, including overheads, shall be borne initially by the Interconnection Customer.

  • Verizon OSS Services 8.2.1 Upon request by NUI, Verizon shall provide to NUI Verizon OSS Services. Such Verizon OSS Services will be provided in accordance with, but only to the extent required by, Applicable Law.

  • Online Services Microsoft warrants that each Online Service will perform in accordance with the applicable SLA during Customer’s use. Customer’s remedies for breach of this warranty are in the SLA. The remedies above are Customer’s sole remedies for breach of the warranties in this section. Customer waives any breach of warranty claims not made during the warranty period.