Obligations of Both Parties Sample Clauses

Obligations of Both Parties. 4.1 When a ported telephone number becomes vacant, e.g., the telephone number is no longer in service by the original End User; the ported telephone number will be released back to the Local Service Provider owning the switch in which the telephone number’s NXX is native.
Obligations of Both Parties. 5.1 Party B should make sure pay Party A at agreed price and date according to this agreement as well as legal resource of the fund.
Obligations of Both Parties. The Seller and the Buyer agree that subsequent to the date hereof and prior to the Closing Date:
Obligations of Both Parties. 6.7.1. NSP is responsible for advising the NPAC of telephone numbers that it ports in and the associated data as identified in industry forums as being required for number portability.
Obligations of Both Parties. 3.1 Each Party shall abide by FCC adopted NANC provisioning and implementation processes.
Obligations of Both Parties. 2.3.1 The Parties shall cooperate in performing activities required to port Customer telephone number(s). The primary responsibility for the coordination of such activities will be assumed by the Party acquiring the End User Customer (porting in the Customer telephone number(s)).
Obligations of Both Parties. From and after the date of this Agreement until the termination of the Agreement and, except as expressly permitted or contemplated by this Agreement, GENESAR (to the extent applicable) and NUTRANOMICS respectively, will each:
Obligations of Both Parties. The obligation of each party to --------------------------- consummate the purchase and sale of the Assets pursuant to Article I is subject to the fulfillment, at or before the Closing, of each of the following conditions:
Obligations of Both Parties. The Supplier shall develop a plan with the Purchaser to train the trainers identified by the Purchaser who will be conducting the training at sites to be mutually agreed to. SCHEDULE 6 QUALITY REQUIREMENTS