Motor Vehicle Operation Sample Clauses

Motor Vehicle Operation. All processes of obtaining or retaining such special licenses shall be on official duty if the employee would otherwise be in duty status. In remote localities, where travel and transportation would be required to complete the licensing or renewal process, management will authorize travel and per diem. All such travel shall be duly authorized in accordance with Agency regulations.
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Motor Vehicle Operation. All vehicles shall be located on paved areas that are concrete, blacktop or gravel; or
Motor Vehicle Operation. 77. Current Driver License # State of Issue Expiration date Name under which license was granted
Motor Vehicle Operation. It is agreed that any police officer may be summarily suspended without pay if said police officer’s right to operate a vehicle in the State of Maine is suspended or revoked. Said employee shall not accumulate seniority time during such suspension.
Motor Vehicle Operation. All Contractor Employees who are required to operate a motor vehicle in conjunction with their contract with National Grid must be legally licensed and hold a valid driver’s license appropriate to the vehicle being driven. This requirement applies to both Contractor-owned or leased vehicles and National Grid-owned/leased vehicles. A motor vehicle driving record check to include a commercial driver license search, when applicable, must be conducted by the Contractor annually in order to validate this requirement.
Motor Vehicle Operation. No vehicles are to be on the patio concrete area between the café and garage at any given time. All vehicles shall be located in parking areas that are concrete, blacktop, or gravel. or

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  • Motor Vehicle Where You have purchased a motor vehicle with the Funding:

  • Motor Vehicles (i) Upon the Collateral Agent’s written request, each Grantor shall deliver to the Collateral Agent originals of the certificates of title or ownership for each motor vehicle with a value in excess of $10,000 owned by it, with the Collateral Agent listed as lienholder, for the benefit of the Noteholders.

  • Motor Vehicle Allowance 5.1.1 Employees required by their employer to use their own vehicles for school business shall be paid an allowance of $0.62 per kilometre.

  • TEXAS MOTOR VEHICLE BOARD LICENSING All that deal in motor vehicles shall maintain current licenses that are required by the Texas Motor Vehicle Commission Code. If at any time during this Agreement term, any required Contractor license is denied, revoked, or not renewed, Contractor shall be in default of this Agreement, unless the Texas Motor Vehicle Board issues a stay or waiver. Contractor shall promptly provide copies of all current applicable Texas Motor Vehicle Board documentation to H-GAC upon request.

  • Motor Vehicle Liability 1. Coverages E and F do not apply to any "motor vehicle liability" if, at the time and place of an "occurrence", the involved "motor vehicle":

  • Equipment and Vehicle Parking Company will ensure that all equipment, including but not limited to, vehicles owned or operated by Company, its vendors and/or contractors, will not be parked in a manner that interferes in any way with any operations at the Airport. Company’s equipment and vehicles and those of its vendors and/or contractors will be parked in designated parking areas as provided by Authority. No vehicle shall access the AOA unless directly related to Company’s business operations. All vehicles driven, escorted, or parked on the AOA must meet Authority’s insurance requirements and any other applicable Authority Rules and Regulations and security requirements. All vehicles, including those of Company’s Parties, excluding escorted vehicles, accessing the AOA must bear Company’s identification on both sides of the vehicle which should be identifiable from a distance of fifty (50) feet. Company must also display Authority’s logo decal. Information regarding vehicle access to the AOA is available from Authority’s Badging Office. All persons accessing the AOA must adhere to Authority’s SIDA training, Airport Security Program, and TSA regulations. Company will verify that its Company Parties who operate motorized vehicles on Airport property have a valid driver’s license. Company will provide evidence in writing of such verification within fifteen (15) days’ of written request by Authority. If Company fails to provide verification or if Company’s Party is found to be driving on Airport property without a valid driver’s license, Authority will revoke the offending driver’s ID Media and may assess liquidated damages against Company of up to $1,000 per occurrence. Said liquidated damages will be due and payable within fifteen (15) days’ notice of invoice for the same. On a quarterly basis, Company will conduct and maintain periodic audits of the status of the driver’s licenses of Company Parties to ensure that they possess and maintain a valid driver’s license. Such audits shall be provided to Authority upon fifteen (15) days’ written request by Authority.

  • Office Equipment The Client must not install any cabling, IT or telecom connections without the Provider’s consent, which the Provider may refuse at its absolute discretion. As a condition to the Provider’s consent, the Client must permit the Provider to oversee any installations (for example IT or electrical systems) and to verify that such installations do not interfere with the use of the accommodation(s) by other Clients or the Provider or any landlord of the building.

  • Conduct of Local Church Operations From the date of this Disaffiliation Agreement through and until the Closing, the Local Church: (a) will conduct its operations substantially in accordance with past practice and will use commercially reasonable efforts, subject to the foregoing, to maintain and preserve its operations and organization consistent with past practice and efficient and economical management, (b) will not take any action that is inconsistent with its charitable purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code or that otherwise adversely affects its tax-exempt status, and (c) will not take any action that would cause its representations and warranties in this Disaffiliation Agreement not to remain true and correct as of Closing, except with the prior written consent of the Annual Conference.

  • Co-operation 1. The Parties shall take all appropriate and necessary measures to ensure fulfilment of the obligations and objectives arising out of this programme agreement.

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