Monthly Rental Sample Clauses

Monthly Rental. Commencing on the Lease Commencement Date (subject, however, to any modifications or adjustments specified hereinbelow and/or in the "Rent Schedule" attached hereto as EXHIBIT D) Tenant shall pay to Landlord during the Term, rental for the entire Term in the total amount as set forth in EXHIBIT D payable in monthly installments (the "Monthly Rental") in the amount set forth in EXHIBIT D, which sum shall be payable by Tenant on or before the first day of each month, in advance, without further notice, at the address specified for Landlord in Section I., or such other place as Landlord shall designate, without any prior demand therefor and without any abatement, deduction or setoff whatsoever. If the Lease Commencement Date should occur on a day other than the first day of a calendar month, or the Expiration Date should occur on a day other than the last day of a calendar month, then the rental for such fractional month shall be prorated on a daily basis upon a thirty (30) day calendar month.
Monthly Rental. The Annual Rent shall be payable in equal monthly installments (hereinafter called the "Monthly Rent") in advance on the first day of each calendar month during the Term. If the Term commences on any day other than the first (1st) or ends on any day other than the last of a calendar month, rent for the fraction of a month at the commencement and at the end of the Term shall be prorated at a rate per day equal to 1/365th of the Annual Rent payable. The Annual Rent and the Monthly Rent may be varied based on the actual area of the Leased Premises as certified by the Landlord.
Monthly Rental. The Monthly Rental price shall be for a Rental Period of twenty-eight (28) consecutive calendar days, computed from the date of commencement of the Rental Period up to but not including the same date in the next calendar month and shall apply when the number of hours the Heavy Equipment is operated in any twenty-eight (28) day period does not exceed 176 hours of use.
Monthly Rental. The Lessee agrees to pay Lessor a base Monthly Rent during the term of this lease in accordance with the Rent Schedule as detailed in Exhibit A. The rental payments provided for herein shall be due and payable by Lessee in advance on the first day of the month for which said rentals are due. This lease contract is made and entered into in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Texas Constitution and the Texas Government Code, Title 10, Subtitle D, and is made contingent upon the continuation of the availability of money appropriated by the legislature to pay for the lease. In the event the Legislature or the Executive Branch of the State of Texas cease to fund the lease, or the agency ceases to exist as a result of the Legislative sunset review process, then the Texas Facilities Commission, hereinafter referred to as Commission, may assign another state agency to the space, or a part thereof, covered by this lease. Should the Commission be unable to find another State agency or agencies to fill, or partially fill the space, the Commission, upon written notice to the Lessor, either may terminate this lease, or sublet in whole or in part to a private third party.
Monthly Rental. Basic Rent shall be payable monthly in advance, without notice, in equal installments, together with installments of Additional Rent. Each installment of Basic Rent shall be in the amount of monthly rent specified in the rent schedule in the Summary of Basic Lease Terms ("Monthly Rental"). One such monthly installment shall be due and payable on the date hereof and a like monthly installment shall be due and payable on or before the first day of each calendar month succeeding the Commencement Date during the Lease Term, except that the rental payment for any fractional calendar month at the commencement or end of the Lease Term shall be prorated based on a thirty (30) day month.
Monthly Rental. Rental that is thirty (30) days in length
Monthly Rental. In consideration of said demise, the COMPANY agrees to pay to the CITY as rent for said premise for the full term aforesaid the sum calculated per Section (A) beginning on February 1, 2004 and a similar amount per month (except as provided in Section (C) below), which said sums shall be due and payable in advance on the 1st day of the month and on each and every calendar month thereafter during said term at the office of CITY. Any payment that is made after the 10th day of any month in which said payment is due will bear interest at l2% per annum from its due date.
Monthly Rental. Section 1.01 of the Lease shall be deleted in its entirety and the following provision shall be inserted in the Lease as Section 1.01, in lieu thereof, as if originally part of the Lease:
Monthly Rental. 10,528.00 . The Monthly Rental set forth in this section is conditional upon Lessor acquiring the Equipment at a purchase price of $270,000.00 based on an 8.50% Prime Interest Rate. Lessor and Lessee agree that the Monthly Rental shall be increased by $31.00 for each one-quarter of one percent (1/4 of 1%) by which the Prime Interest Rate (as stated by Citibank N.A.) increases prior to the Commencement Date, or the date Lessor has received sufficient documentation so as to finance the Lease, whichever is later. Lessee agrees that it shall confirm the amount of the rental payable hereunder after adjustment, if any, in such form as Lessor may request.
Monthly Rental. 2. (a) Subject to the terms and provisions of Paragraph 2(d) regarding annual increase in rent and Paragraph 2 of Exhibit "E" entitled "Special Stipulations, Tenant shall pay to Landlord throughout the term of this Lease annual rental of Three Hundred Twenty One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Two and 50/100 Dollars ($321,952.50) payable in equal monthly rental installments of Twenty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Nine and 38/100 Dollars ($26,829.38), payable in advance on the first day of each month during every year of the term hereby demised in lawful money of the United States, without deduction or offset whatsoever, to Landlord or to such other firm as Landlord may from time to time designate in writing. Until notified otherwise, Tenant shall submit all payments using one of the following methods: Preferred Method Automated Clearing House (ACH) BANK NAME: FIFTH THIRD BANK ACCOUNT # 7021301960 ROUTING & TRANSIT: 042 000 314 ACCOUNT: OTR NOMINEE OF STATE TEACHERS RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF OHIO REFERENCE: THE ULTIMATE SOFTWARE GROUP. INC. Tenant must notify Landlord of ACH wire using one of the following methods: Fax: Childress Klein Properties, Attn: Vicki Smith, (770) 859-1299 or E-mail: ACH Wiring instructions are subject to change upon notification from Landlord. Alternate Method Issue a check OTR NOMINEE OF STATE TEACHERS RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF OHIO P.O. BOX 633963 CINCINNATI, OH 45263-3963 Please note Wire Transfers are not an approved form of payment; however ACH as described above is an approved form of payment. Said rental is subject to adjustments as provided herein below. If this Lease commences on a day other than the first day of a calendar month, the monthly rental for the fractional month shall be appropriately prorated. Landlord shall have no obligation to provide invoices to Tenant for the monthly rental payments due under this Lease, and each such monthly rental payment shall be paid by Tenant when due as set forth herein whether or not Tenant receives an invoice for such payment. (b) Tenant recognizes that late payment of any rent or other sum due hereunder from Tenant to Landlord will result in administrative expense to Landlord, the extent of which additional expense is extremely difficult and economically impractical to ascertain. Tenant therefore agrees that if rent or any other payment due hereunder from Tenant to Landlord remains unpaid five (5) days after said amount is due and payable in excess of two (2)...