Marketing of the Product Sample Clauses

Marketing of the Product. VII.1 BIOVENTUS undertakes to use commercially reasonable efforts to launch the PRODUCT in the United States within [***] months from EFFECTIVE DATE.
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Marketing of the Product. The Company shall use best commercial efforts to market, distribute and sell the Product, stand alone or in combination with other products owned or licensed or distributed by Company, in the Territory during the Initial Term of this Agreement including any term extensions. All expenses incurred in connection with the formulation, promotion, marketing and advertising of the Product in the Territory shall be borne solely and exclusively by Company.
Marketing of the Product. 6.01 COMPANY undertakes to launch the PRODUCT in the TERRITORY within **** months from the COMMENCEMENT DATE of this Agreement. COMPANY shall inform IBSA of the LAUNCHING DATE of the PRODUCT with a notice of at least ****.
Marketing of the Product. 36.01 ARS acknowledges that Recordati shall be free to Commercialize the Product under either the ARS Trademarks or the Recordati Trademarks.
Marketing of the Product. (A) The Distributor undertakes, directly or through a permitted sub-distributor, co-distributor or permitted assign in accordance with Article XVIII(C) hereof, at all such times as this Agreement remains in force and at its sole cost and expense, to promote the Products actively, diligently and aggressively throughout the Marketing Area and, to this end, the Distributor shall, inter alia:
Marketing of the Product. 6.1 Provided that it is then commercially reasonable to Biovail to do so, Biovail shall by itself or through a Sub-Licensee Market the Product in Canada, the United States of America and in all other countries in which Regulatory Approval has been granted for the Product in the name of Biovail or an Affiliate within six (6) months of obtaining that Regulatory Approval for the Product.
Marketing of the Product. Interactive and Advent, each at its own expense, will cooperate in marketing the use of the Product in conjunction with Interactive’s information services. However, neither party shall have any obligation to the other to undertake marketing efforts. Advent shall be responsible for supplying documentation to clients describing the necessary procedures to access the Datafeed interface and Interactive’s financial databases. Interactive will supply Advent’s clients with a description of the Datafeed product and an outline description of the financial information to which they may have access.
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Marketing of the Product. LICENSEE shall use commercially reasonable efforts to market the Product in the Territory, at its own expense, and to:
Marketing of the Product. ALTA VISTA authorizes lnfomedia to market, sell and sub-license the work using all the distribution channels available to it within the assigned territory, both traditional and non-traditional, and to promote this in any medium of communication.
Marketing of the Product. 7.1 The Distributor shall be entitled to resell the Product to its customers at such prices as it may determine, subject to all applicable price controls imposed by governmental authorities in the Territory.
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