Marketing area definition

Marketing area means a geographical portion of this state, within which minimum or maximum prices established by the board must be uniform.
Marketing area means a geographical portion of this state, within which minimum or
Marketing area means the lower 48 states of the United States, Alaska and the Outer Continental Shelf.

Examples of Marketing area in a sentence

  • In addition, Franchisor retains the right to solicit and sell National or International Accounts within the Marketing Area, including but not limited to solicitation and sales via direct marketing campaigns, telemarketing, and by use of the Internet and other on-line computer networks.

  • The provisions of this paragraph shall apply only to Customer Accounts in which the customer is located in both Franchisee’s Marketing Area and in a Overlapping Franchisee’s marketing area (“Overlapping Territory”), and are intended to be broadly interpreted to prevent Franchisee from directly or indirectly interfering with any of the customer relationships that have been established by an Overlapping Franchisee in Overlapping Territory.

  • Nothwithstanding the foregoing, Franchisor may from time to time, in its reasonable discretion, provide Franchisee with such marketing programs and brochures developed by Franchisor as Franchisor deems appropriate for use in the Marketing Area.

  • To the extent that Franchisor enters into an agreement to provide The Car Wash Guys System Services to any National or International Account which has a location within the Marketing Area, Franchisor may offer Franchisee the right to service such account at such location at the terms upon which Franchisor and the National or International Account have agreed.

  • Franchisee may not solicit customers within the Marketing Area with respect to Services that would be provided to such customers both within and outside the Marketing Area (such customer being referred to as a “National or International Account”) without the prior written consent of Franchisor.

More Definitions of Marketing area

Marketing area means that geographical portion of the state of North Dakota within which minimum or maximum prices established by the board shall be uniform.
Marketing area means the lower 00 xxxxxx xx xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx.
Marketing area means thata geographical portion of thethis state of North Dakota,
Marketing area shall include North America (as such term is defined in the GTIS Master Option and License Agreement (Home Video Games) between the parties, dated March 31, 1995, and each of the other Marketing Areas designated on Schedule C to Exhibit A of such GTIS Master Option and License Agreement (Home Video Games). Such report shall also include a cumulative reconciliation of the number of units of Licensed Products produced by Licensee to the number of units on hand. Licensee agrees that accompanying each such report shall be payment, in U. S. funds, of the amounts due to Licensor, if any, in respect of such Royalty Period in excess of any permitted recoupment. Royalties calculated in foreign currencies shall be converted to U. S. currency at the spot rate of exchange published in the Wall Street Journal as of the last day of the Royalty Period. Such reports shall be required to be submitted with respect to sales and distributions of the Licensed Product whether or not any amounts are due under the terms hereof.
Marketing area shall have the meaning provided in Schedule C to the form of Home Computer Software Distribution and License Agreement annexed as Exhibit A hereto.
Marketing area means the areas set forth on Schedule C hereto.
Marketing area means the various geographical marketing areas in the state established by the Commissioner. The current marketing areas are set forth in Appendix A to this Order.