Management Plans Sample Clauses

Management Plans. (a) The information in the most recent Management Plan was true, accurate and complete in all material respects as at the date on which it was provided to the Facility Agent and was not misleading in any material respect.
Management Plans developed for NWAs and MBSs shall take into account the cultural and heritage values of these areas in a manner consistent with the objectives of this Article.
Management Plans. In an effort to better control costs, the Town will utilize two management programs for both of its insurance plans:
Management Plans. 8.1 Farm Management Plan Each Xxxxxx who is taking Water from the Company may be required to prepare and implement a farm Management Plan for irrigated land use to demonstrate how the Xxxxxx is actively managing use of the Water to achieve high standards of environmental management and optimise on the Property production from irrigation. For this purpose:
Management Plans. 2.01 A management plan (a) approved under the tree farm licence replaced by this Licence, and (b) still in effect on the date immediately preceding the date on which that tree farm licence expires, is deemed for the remainder of the term of the management plan to be the management plan in effect under this Licence.
Management Plans. If a historic road management plan exists for the road, follow its guidance.
Management Plans. The Implementing Entity will ensure that all Conservation Lands are managed according to appropriate Management Plans. As further described in BRCP CM6 in Section, Management Plans will be prepared for each new land acquisition or groups of land acquisitions included in the Conservation Lands to identify, on the basis of site-specific conditions, the management and maintenance actions necessary to ensure that BRCP objectives regarding ecosystem characteristics and functions are maintained and enhanced, and to achieve other objectives, as further described in BRCP Chapter 5, Section 5.3.
Management Plans. The Concessionaire will operate, repair, maintain and rehabilitate the Project Facilities in a manner that, in all material respects, complies with and meets the requirements contained in the Management Plans as updated from time to time without objection by the Province’s Representative in accordance with the Review Procedure. The Concessionaire will prepare and submit to the Province’s Representative in accordance with the Review Procedure the following plans: Operations and Maintenance Plan (as required in paragraph 1.10 of Part 1 of Schedule 7 [O&M Output Specifications]), Asset Management Plan (as required in paragraph 1.11 of Part 1 of Schedule 7 [O&M Output Specifications], Annual Asset Management Plan (as required in paragraph 2.3 of Reporting Specifications for Highway Concessions) and Five Year Management Plan (as required in Part 3 of Schedule 15 [Five Year Management Plan]).
Management Plans. Baffinland has developed an EMS for the Xxxx River Project comprised of a suite of complimentary and interlinked management plans that operationalize Baffinland’s approach to mitigation and management of potential environmental and socio-economic effects and incorporate input from Inuit communities and stakeholders. The management plans include the following: • Environmental Protection PlanBorrow Pit and Quarry Management Plan • Interim Closure and Reclamation Plan • Explosives Management Plan • Fresh Water Supply, Sewage and Wastewater Management PlanSnow Management Plan • Waste Management Plan • Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste Management PlanPhase 1 Waste Rock Management Plan • Interim Waste Rock Management Plan • Life of Mine Waste Rock Management Plan • Landfill Maintenance and Operations Manual • Health and Safety Management PlanEmergency Response PlanSpill Contingency PlanOil Pollution Emergency Plan – Milne Inlet • Railway Emergency Response Plan • Polar Bear Safety Plan • Spill at Sea Response Plan • Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations Emergency Response Plan • Surface Water and Aquatic Ecosystems Management Plan • Shipping and Marine Wildlife Management PlanAir Quality and Noise Abatement Management Plan • Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plan • Human Resources Management Plan • Cultural Heritage Resource Protection Plan • Inuit Human Resources Strategy Procedure • Inuit Procurement and Contracting Strategy • Roads Management Plan • Railway Operation and Maintenance Plan Additionally, QIA will develop the Inuit Stewardship Plan, which is Inuit-led and administered. Where applicable, these management plans include mitigations to be applied to prevent or mitigate environmental effects. In some cases, they also include accommodation measures for exceedance of specified thresholds. The plans are linked to the monitoring programs and the Adaptive Management Response Framework; as monitoring results identify unforeseen changes or exceed thresholds, then the appropriate management plan is updated or created to include the necessary mitigation. Information on these management plans is provided in Section 3.
Management Plans. (1) Each National Implementing Agency shall be responsible for ensuring that the Management Plan for its areas are periodically revised.