Government Procurement Sample Clauses

Government Procurement. 1. Articles II, XVI and XVII shall not apply to laws, regulations or requirements governing the procurement by governmental agencies of services purchased for governmental purposes and not with a view to commercial resale or with a view to use in the supply of services for commercial sale.
Government Procurement. 1. The Parties shall enhance their mutual understanding of their government procurement laws and regulations with a view to progressively liberalising their respective procurement markets on the basis of non-discrimination and reciprocity.
Government Procurement. ARTICLE 6.1
Government Procurement. ARTICLE 7.1
Government Procurement. 1. The Parties agree on the importance of co-operation to enhance the mutual understanding of their respective government procurement laws and regulations.
Government Procurement. (c) services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority in a Party’s territory;
Government Procurement. Article 119
Government Procurement. 1. The Parties reaffirm their commitment to open and transparent government procurement frameworks which, consistent with their international obligations, promote value for money, competitive markets, and non-discriminatory purchasing practices and thus enhance trade between the Parties.
Government Procurement. The Parties agree to work towards the adoption of anagreement to encourage and facilitate greater participation by their economicentities in business opportunities arising from government procurementactivities.
Government Procurement. 1. The Parties agree to endeavor to eliminate all restrictions relating to government procurement.