Service Specific Terms Sample Clauses

Service Specific Terms. Some of our Hosted Services may be subject to additional terms specific to that service as set forth in our Service-Specific Terms.
Service Specific Terms. The Service Specific Terms are incorporated by this reference into the Agreement.
Service Specific Terms. Some of Our Hosted Services may be subject to additional terms specific to that service as set forth in Our Scope of Use Policy. Defect fixing is not a part of the Hosted Services, unless the Defect is caused by the Our hard-ware or Solutions.
Service Specific Terms. The Customer acknowledges that the use of certain Services shall be governed by the Service-specific Terms. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these General Terms and Conditions and the Service-specific Terms, the provisions of the Service-specific Terms shall prevail to the extent of the conflict or inconsistency.
Service Specific Terms. The terms before and after section this section apply generally to all Services. This section contains service-specific terms that are in addition to the general terms. These service-specific terms govern when there are any conflicts with the general terms.Shop • a. Shop. "Shop" refers to a Service that allows you to browse, download, purchase, and rate and review applications (the term "application" includes games) and other digital content. These Terms cover use of certain Shops owned or operated by CReed Global or its affiliates.o i. License Terms. We will identify the publisher of each application available in the relevant Shop. Unless different license terms are provided with the application, the Standard Application License Terms ("SALT") at the end of these Terms are an agreement between you and the application publisher setting forth the license terms that apply to an application you download through any Shop owned or operated by CReed Global or its affiliates. For clarity, these Terms cover the use of, and services provided by, CReed Global o ii. Updates. CReed Global will automatically check for and download updates to your applications, even when you’re not signed into the relevant Shop. You can change your Shop or system settings when you prefer not to receive automatic updates to Shop applications. However, certain applications that are entirely orpartly hosted online may be updated at any time by the application developer and may not require your permission to update. o iii. Ratings and Reviews. Once you rate or review an application or other Digital Good in the Shop, you may receive email from CReed Global containing content from the publisher of the application or Digital Good. Any such email comes from CReed Global; we do not share your email address with publishers of applications or other Digital Goods you acquire through the Shop. o iv. Safety Warning. To avoid possible injury, discomfort or eye strain, you should take periodic breaks from use of games or other applications, especially should you feel any pain or fatigue resulting from usage. Should you experience discomfort, take a break. Parents should monitor their children’s use of applications for signs of symptoms.Group Messaging • b. Group Messaging. Various CReed Global services allow you to send messages to others via voice or SMS ("messages"), and/or allow CReed Global and CReed Global-controlled affiliates to send such messages to you and one or more other users on your behal...
Service Specific Terms. The terms in this section (Service Specific Terms) apply only to the specific offerings set forth in this section.
Service Specific Terms