Interior Lighting Sample Clauses

Interior Lighting. Interior lighting fixtures shall be LED, recessed mounted or surface mounted fixtures, controlled by a switch at each entrance to the compartment. LED lights installed over the mirrors in the restroom shall be on GFCI protected circuits.
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Interior Lighting. Lamps and ballast's for interior lighting fixtures, including task lighting and exit lights, will be handled as a priority 3. If two or more adjacent lighting fixtures are inoperable the request will be handled as a priority 2. Light diffusers and lenses will be cleaned during re-xxxxxxx. Re-xxxxxxx will take place on a schedule reasonably acceptable to the Tenant.
Interior Lighting. The cab interior lighting (4) shall be replaced with new Xxxxxx Dual LED Red/White dome lights with a xxxx bezel. 14.33 Air Horn The air horns shall be removed and replaced with new recess mounted in the front bumper outside the frame rail. 14.34
Interior Lighting. 3.9.1 The Contractor will maintain adequate lighting systems at all buildings capable of meeting the lux level and lighting category for the function of the area, all in accordance with HSE publication HSG38 ‘ Lighting at Work’.
Interior Lighting. 4.40.1 The Contractor will maintain lighting systems at all buildings.
Interior Lighting. The Owner further agrees to use of modern technologies on the interior of all buildings to reduce light pollution and minimize the impact on the night sky to divert lighting from adjacent roadways and properties.
Interior Lighting. General (applies to all impacted locations) ▪ Existing linear fluorescent T8/T12/T5 fixtures will be retrofitted with direct-wire (aka ballast bypass). Type B LED tubes. Existing LED tubes will also be replaced for consistency. ▪ Recessed can lights will be retrofitted with LED recessed can kits. ▪ Fixtures that currently have dimming controls will be retrofitted with new LED kits or LED dimmable 0-10V tubes, and wireless LED compatible dimming controls will be installed to maintain dimming functionality. Site Specific ▪ Hospital and Industrial Substations: ⬩ Eight existing incandescent screw-in lamps are powered via DC voltage. If LED replacement lamps do not work, they will be de-scoped. Existing incandescent will remain in place and energy savings will be deducted via change order and adjustment to the savings. Community Center ▪ Xxxxx Activity Center will get new LED high bays and new LED downlights. ⬩ LED high bays will include integral sensors with the following features: occupancy sensing, wireless control that allow for independent scene control, dimming, and zoning. The high bays will be 4000K color temperature. ⬩ LED downlights will include separate wireless-mounted sensors. There will be one sensor per four LED downlights that will create zones by row, with five zones in total. Wireless sensors will provide these features: occupancy sensing, wireless control that allow for independent scene control, and dimming. The downlights will be 2700K color temperature. ▪ Sequence of Operation for advanced lighting controls at Xxxxx Activity Center: ⬩ Occupancy Sensor: ⯈ Lighting sensor set to vacancy mode. ⯈ Lighting turns on via wall station button. ⯈ Lighting turns off automatically after 30 minutes of no occupancy. ⬩ Room Zoning: ⯈ Xxxxx Activity Center will be zoned based on product type. LED high bays will be a single zone; LED downlights will have 5 separate zones. ⬩ Switching/Presets ⯈ LED high bays will have a 3-button wall station with two preset “on” buttons, raise/lower dimming buttons, and an “off” button. • Button 1: System will be commissioned to deliver 40 foot-candles at the task. • Button 2: System will deliver 20 footcandles at task. ⯈ LED downlights will have two 5-button wall stations allowing for a total of 8 scenes.
Interior Lighting. Utilize High-bay LED lighting fixtures with automatic dimming in conjunction with daylight harvesting and occupancy control. Use a correlated color temperature (CCT) of no greater than 3500 Xxxxxx. Consider luminaires located along the facility perimeter as primary zone and secondary zone to those luminaires located at the center. All occupancy sensors coverage should be within the facility footprint only. Locate occupancy sensor and/or adjust sensor sensitivity in order to cover 6 feet maximum around main gate where access card reader are located. All LED fixtures shall have wire guards. Lighting fixtures shall be outdoor rated. Provide emergency light fixtures. All emergency fixtures shall also serve as night lighting. LED shall conform to other LED lighting fixture type.
Interior Lighting. 1. Once (1) each, eight foot length, two-lamp fluorescent strip fixture will be provided at each overhead door in the building.
Interior Lighting. 1. In Open Office Area provide 2' x 4' light fixtures, 18-cell parabolic fluorescent fixture, electronic ballast and T-8 lamps. One (1) light fixture per 80 rsf.