Standard Specifications Sample Clauses

Standard Specifications. 1. Any reference herein to standard specifications of any society, institute, association, or governmental authority (such standard specifications not forming a part of any statute or ordinance nor otherwise specified as to edition or date) is a reference to the standard specifications of such organization that are in effect on the 30th Day prior to the date of the first Advertisement for Bids.
Standard Specifications. Developer shall comply with the most recent edition of the following reference specifications when designing and constructing the Plaza Project, including:
Standard Specifications. Seller shall comply with the standards of quality for Biodiesel as defined in ASTM D6751. The specifications are provided in Table B-1. In the event changes in ASTM D6751 are adopted by the industry, Seller shall make commercially reasonable effort to upgrade the Plant or modify operations, if required, to meet such changes in standards.
Standard Specifications the construction and design requirements and standards of the University of Houston System’s Facilities, Planning, and Construction (“FPC”), and various building and life safety codes as specified by FPC which are hereby incorporated by reference.
Standard Specifications. Subdivider shall comply with the most current editions of the following reference specifications when designing and constructing the Project [Specifications], including:
Standard Specifications. When no specification or code is cited or otherwise applicable and the quality, processing, composition or method of installation of an item, or is only generally referred to, then:
Standard Specifications. The Architect’s Basic Services include general and/or miscellaneous architectural services that may be requested or approved by the District, and which are unrelated to design of a specific modernization project under the Bond Program, but which are otherwise related to the Bond Program. The services under this Section may include, but not be limited to, preparation of standard specifications for use in the Bond Program’s projects and in future maintenance and facility projects, and all services described in this Article 5 and the Agreement as may be applicable or necessary.
Standard Specifications. The “Standard Specifications (Civil Works)” (referred to as the Standard Specifications herein)issued by the Project Management Consultant (PMC) GWSP, on behalf of the Employer, establishes the Specifications that shall be followed for the construction of general civil works under the GWSP. Specifications for additional specialized items of civil works (or part of it) shall be as set out in this subsection. In the event of any discrepancy between the provisions of the Standard Specifications and the technical specifications contained herein, the provisions of these technical specifications shall take precedence.
Standard Specifications. Place general notes on standard-format sheet (11”x17”). General notes may include:
Standard Specifications. All provisions and requirements contained in the 2012 edition of the Michigan Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Construction.