Insured definition

Insured means the Executive.
Insured as used in this Part means:
Insured means:

Examples of Insured in a sentence

Employees and, if applicable, Volunteers must be included as Additional Insured.

Additional Insured: Canada is added as an additional insured, but only with respect to liability arising out of the Contractor's performance of the Contract.

Further, the policy must apply to each Insured in the same manner and to the same extent as if a separate policy had been issued to each.

Supplier must, at its own cost, effect and maintain, during the Term, a public liability insurance policy with a minimum level of cover of the Insured Amount and all other insurance required to be held and maintained by law, including without limitation, workers' compensation insurance.

The Company’s liability during the lifetime of the Policy will not exceed the Base Sum Insured in respect of the Cover.

More Definitions of Insured

Insured means any person or organization qualifying as an insured in the Who Is An Insured provision of the applicable coverage. Except with respect to the Limit of Insurance, the coverage afforded applies separately to each insured who is seeking coverage or against whom a claim or "suit" is brought.
Insured means insured as to payment of all principal and all interest.
Insured means all or any of:
Insured means a person in a Class of Eligible Persons for whom the required premium is paid making insurance in effect for that person.
Insured means a person(s) who is booked to travel on a Trip, completes the enrollment form and for whom the required premium is paid, also referred to as You and Your.
Insured means you and residents of your household who are:
Insured means, in relation to the provision of any service, that such service is provided in circumstances under which a benefit is payable under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Act.