Injury Sample Clauses

Injury. 22.01 Where an employee is injured at work during the performance of his duties and responsibilities as a result of which he cannot complete the balance of his shift and has reported such injury to the Company, he shall be sent home and paid for the balance of his shift at his regular straight time hourly rate.
Injury. Unless this contract specifically provides otherwise, if Player is injured in the performance of his services under this contract and promptly reports such injury to the Club physician or trainer, then Player will receive such medical and hospital care during the term of this contract as the Club physician may deem necessary, and will continue to receive his yearly salary for so long, during the season of injury only and for no subsequent period covered by this contract, as Player is physically unable to perform the services required of him by this contract because of such injury. If Player’s injury in the performance of his services under this contract results in his death, the unpaid balance of his yearly salary for the season of injury will be paid to his stated beneficiary, or in the absence of a stated beneficiary, to his estate.
Injury. In the case of injury occurring under such circumstances, the teacher shall 29 provide a written statement from a licensed medical physician regarding the extent and 30 nature of injuries sustained. A teacher shall be entitled to Illness or Injury In-Line-Of-Duty 31 Leave as provided by Florida Statute 1012.63, and Article 12. 02 ( 2 ) of this Agreement.
Injury. A condition that results indepen- dently of an illness and all other causes and is a result of an external force or accident.
Injury. If a Player’s Contract is terminated by a Club by reason of the Player’s failure to render his services due to a disability resulting directly from injury sustained in the course and within the scope of his employment under the Contract, and notice is received by the Club in accordance with Regulation 2 of the Uniform Player’s Contract, the Player shall be enti- tled to receive from the Club the unpaid balance of the full salary for the year in which the injury was sustained, less all workers’ compensation payments received by the Player as compensation for loss of income for the specific period for which the Club is compensating him in full.
Injury. All claims for personal injury, including physical injury, mental anguish, emotional distress, pain and suffering, embarrassment, humiliation, damage to name or reputation, interest, liquidated damages, and punitive damages; and
Injury. Shall be defined as a condition caused by Accidental means that results in damage to the Covered Person’s body independently of Illness and is a result of an unexpected slip, fall, blow or other violent external force. Injury shall also include a scenario that is not unexpected or not Accidental if it constitutes a PPACA Emergency.
Injury. Physical damage or trauma arising wholly and exclusively from an Accident or other events of violent or external, and visible nature.
Injury. 2.1 The provisions of the Accident Insurance Xxx 0000 or any amendment or Act passed in substitution for this Act shall apply.