Individual Events Sample Clauses

Individual Events. This is considered a Short-Term Lease Agreement. In order to reserve the Hall for an individual event, the Tenant must make a down payment of $250 (“Rental Deposit”) to the Church at the time of the reservation (execution of this Agreement). The Rental Deposit is part of the Rental Fee. Long-Term Arrangement: This is considered a Long-Term Lease Agreement. The minimum period of a long-term lease agreement is six months. In order to reserve the Hall for under a long-term arrangement, the Tenant must make a down payment of $1,000 (“Rental Deposit”) to the Church at the time of the reservation. In case Tenant terminates the long-term lease agreement, a penalty may apply of up to $1,000.
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Individual Events. Defined as any hall hire that will not be repeated on a regular basis. An individual event may be over several concurrent days but not over multi-split days. Date of hire: Time: Number of hours @ £ per hour = £ Special Deposit £ (refunded if hall left in good condition – see paragraph 1.5.4 of the Agreement) Bar Deposit £40.00 (if appropriate) £ (see paragraph 5 of the Standard Conditions) LESS: Non-refundable deposit (50% of the cost of the booking) £ Due by BALANCE £ Due by Commercial Use? Yes/No • All cheques should be made payable to Harby Village HallThe Special Deposit will be refunded within 28 days of the termination of the period of hire provided that no damage or loss has been caused to the premises and/or contents nor complaints made to the Village Hall about noise or other disturbance during the period of the hire as a result of the hire.
Individual Events. Where a club has a swimmer of the correct age and gender in attendance that swimmer must be used. Where a club can not comply it may use a swimmer from a lower age group. A swimmer is eligible to compete in only one age group at any meet. (This rule does not apply in relays). A swimmer may not swim up in age in events shown as "& Over" e.g. "15 years & over". Relays: One team per club may compete in a relay event. Swimmers of the correct age must be used where available. If a club has insufficient swimmers of the correct age, the club is permitted to enter younger swimmers in an older age group. This does not preclude any swimmer so used from swimming in another age group for which they are eligible. A swimmer may not swim up in age in events shown as "& Over" e.g "15 years & over". Unisex relays should comprise swimmers of both genders where the club has the swimmers available. Clubs are permitted to use any combination in these events. Vacant lanes during the relays may be filled by additional teams at the discretion of the referee in charge. Points will not be allocated for these teams. Identification of Swimmers: Wearing of club caps is encouraged to assist officials with identification of swimmers.
Individual Events. 4.4.1 The individual events will be grouped according to the entry times, 10 lanes (50m pool);
Individual Events. In determining whether or not to nominate an Athlete to an Individual Event [insert specific Sports events e.g. Bobsled Crew and Figure Skating Pairs](“Event(s)”), the NSO Selectors must be satisfied overall that the Nominated Athlete or the Nominated Athletes collectively (in the case of a pair, crew or other game, race, heat or event where more than one Athlete competes together), will:  have a high national ranking (e.g. top 3) or will have placed in the top 3 at the most recent National age group championships (in the age group and discipline that the athlete is seeking nomination for); and  perform with distinction at the Games.
Individual Events. Date of hire:…………………………………………………………………. Time:………………………………………………… Time required From (including set up): ……………………………………………………. To:………………………………………………………. TOTAL HOURS: ………………………………….. Facility Required: (Delete as appropriate) Hall only: £12.00 per hour Community Lounge only: £8.50 per hour Hall and Community Lounge: £20.50 per hour Kitchen: Inclusive TOTAL COST: £………………………………………………….. Cheques should be made payable to The Xxxxxx Village Trust BACS Payments: Bank: Santander: Account Name: The Xxxxxx Village Trust Sort Code: Account number;
Individual Events 
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Related to Individual Events

  • Special Events During the Term of the Agreement, the Concessionaire may schedule events for dates up to 12 months after the Agreement’s end date. For all events scheduled during the 12-month post-agreement period, the Concessionaire will provide a copy of the original event contract to the Department. All special event contracts for events after the Agreement’s end date must provide notice that the contract may be assigned to another concessionaire at the Department’s request. The Department may either issue a permit authorizing the Concessionaire to fulfill these event obligations or require the Concessionaire to assign the contracts and deposits to another concessionaire. In the event of a cancellation, the Concessionaire will not pursue or accept a replacement date or event, unless the Department’s Agreement Manager gives written pre-approval. After the Agreement’s end date, the Concessionaire will not schedule any additional events or reschedule existing events.

  • Material Events any other event occurs or circumstance arises which, in the opinion of the Agent (following consultation with the Banks), is likely materially and adversely to affect either (i) the ability of any Security Party to perform all or any of its obligations under or otherwise to comply with the terms of any of the Security Documents or (ii) the security created by any of the Security Documents; or

  • Termination Events This Agreement may, by notice given prior to or at the Closing, be terminated:

  • Withdrawal Events In the event of the death, retirement, withdrawal, expulsion, or dissolution of a Member, or an event of bankruptcy or insolvency, as hereinafter defined, with respect to a Member, or the occurrence of any other event which terminates the continued membership of a Member in the Company pursuant to the Statutes (each of the foregoing being hereinafter referred to as a “Withdrawal Event”), the Company shall terminate sixty days after notice to the Members of such withdrawal Event unless the business of the Company is continued as hereinafter provided. Notwithstanding a Withdrawal Event with respect to a Member, the Company shall not terminate, irrespective of applicable law, if within aforesaid sixty day period the remaining Members, by the unanimous vote or consent of the Members (other than the Member who caused the Withdrawal Event), shall elect to continue the business of the Company. In the event of a Withdrawal Event with respect to an Member, any successor in interest to such Member (including without limitation any executor, administrator, heir, committee, guardian, or other representative or successor) shall not become entitled to any rights or interests of such Member in the Company, other than the allocations and distributions to which such Member is entitled, unless such successor in interest is admitted as a Member in accordance with this Agreement. An “event of bankruptcy or insolvency” with respect to a Member shall occur if such Member:

  • Liquidating Events The Company shall dissolve and commence winding up and liquidating upon the first to occur of the following (each, a “Liquidating Event”):

  • Environmental Events The Borrower will give notice to the Agent within five (5) Business Days of becoming aware of (i) any potential or known Release, or threat of Release, of any Hazardous Substances in violation of any applicable Environmental Law; (ii) any violation of any Environmental Law that the Borrower, any Guarantor or any of their respective Subsidiaries reports in writing or is reportable by such Person in writing (or for which any written report supplemental to any oral report is made) to any federal, state or local environmental agency or (iii) any inquiry, proceeding, investigation, or other action, including a written notice from any agency of potential environmental liability, of any federal, state or local environmental agency or board, that in any case involves (A) a Mortgaged Property, (B) any other Real Estate and could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect or (C) the Agent’s liens or security title on the Collateral pursuant to the Security Documents.

  • Liquidation Events (a) In the event of (i) any Casualty to all or any all or any portion of the Property, (ii) any Condemnation of all or any portion of the Property, (iii) a Transfer of the Property, other than a Transfer in accordance with Section 5.2.10(f) pursuant to which the Loan is assumed by the transferee, (iv) any refinancing of the Property or the Mortgage Loan, or (v) the receipt by Mortgage Borrower of any excess proceeds realized under its owner’s title insurance policy after application of such proceeds by Mortgage Borrower to cure any title defect (each, a “Liquidation Event”), Borrower shall cause the related Net Liquidation Proceeds After Debt Service to be deposited directly into the Mezzanine Cash Management Account. On each date on which Lender actually receives a distribution of Net Liquidation Proceeds After Debt Service, Borrower shall prepay the Outstanding Principal Balance in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of such Net Liquidation Proceeds After Debt Service, together with interest that would have accrued on such amount through the next Payment Date. Any amounts of Net Liquidation Proceeds After Debt Service in excess of the Debt shall be paid to Borrower. Any prepayment received by Lender pursuant to this Section 2.4.4(a) on a date other than a Payment Date shall be held by Lender as collateral security for the Loan in an interest bearing account, with such interest accruing to the benefit of Borrower, and shall be applied by Lender on the next Payment Date. Other than following an Event of Default, no Prepayment Premium shall be due in connection with any prepayment made pursuant to this Section 2.4.4(a)(i) or (ii).

  • Dissolution Events The Company will be dissolved upon the happening of any of the following events:

  • Servicer Termination Events The following events will each be a “Servicer Termination Event”:

  • Events of Default and Termination Events (i) The following provisions of Section 5 will not apply to either Party A or Party B: Section 5(a)(ii) Section 5(a)(iii) Section 5(a)(iv) Section 5(a)(v) Section 5(a)(vi) Section 5(b)(iii) Section 5(b)(iv)

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