Heating The Hirer shall ensure that no unauthorised heating appliances shall be used on the premises when open to the public without the consent of the management committee. Portable Liquefied Propane Gas (LPG) heating appliances shall not be used.
Lighting ensure work areas have sufficient illumination;
HVAC Heating, ventilating and air conditioning.
Electrical During the Term of this Lease, there shall be available ---------- to the Leased Premises electrical facilities comparable to those supplied in other comparable office buildings in the vicinity of the Building to provide sufficient power for normal lighting and office machines of similar low electrical consumption, and one personal computer for each desk station, but not for any additional computers or extraordinary data processing equipment, special lighting and any other item of electrical equipment which requires a voltage other than one hundred ten (110) volts single phase, as determined by Landlord in its sole and absolute discretion; and provided, however, that if the installation of such electrical equipment requires additional air conditioning capacity above that normally provided to tenants of the Building or above standard usage of existing capacity as determined by Landlord in its sole and absolute discretion, then the additional air conditioning installation and/or operating costs attributable thereto shall be paid by Tenant. Tenant agrees not to use any apparatus or device in, upon or about the Leased Premises which may in any way increase the amount of such electricity usually furnished or supplied to the Leased Premises, and Tenant further agrees not to connect any apparatus or device to the wires, conduits or pipes or other means by which such electricity is supplied, for the purpose of using additional or unusual amounts of electricity, without the prior written consent of Landlord. At all times, Tenant's use of electric current shall never exceed Tenant's share of the capacity of the feeders to the Building or the risers or wiring installation. Tenant shall not install or use or permit the installation or use in the Leased Premises of any computer or electronic data processing or ancillary equipment or any other electrical apparatus designed to operate on electrical current in excess of 110 volts and 5 amps per machine, without the prior written consent of Landlord, which may be exercised in Landlord's reasonable discretion. If Tenant shall require electrical current in excess of that usually furnished or supplied for use of the Leased Premises as general office space, Tenant shall first procure the written consent of Landlord (which may be exercised in Landlord's reasonable discretion) to the use thereof and Landlord or Tenant may (i) cause a meter to be installed in or for the Leased Premises, or (ii) if Tenant elects not to install said meter, Landlord may reasonably estimate such excess electrical current. The cost of any meters (including, without limitation, the cost of any installation) or surveys to estimate such excess electrical current shall be paid by Tenant. Landlord's approval or any space plan, floor plan, construction plans, specifications, or other drawings or materials regarding the construction of the Tenant Improvements or any alterations shall not be deemed or construed as consent by Landlord under this paragraph to Tenant's use of such excess electrical current as provided above. Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord, promptly upon demand therefor, all costs of such electrical current consumed as well as an additional use charge calculated by said meters (at the rates charged for such services to the Building by the municipality or the local public utility) or the amount specified in said estimate, as the case may be, plus any additional expense incurred in keeping account of the electrical current so consumed, which additional expense Landlord shall advise Tenant within a reasonable time after request by Tenant.
Computer Systems UNFI has proper security safeguards in place to ensure the confidentiality of all of WFM’s data as contained in UNFI’s computer systems. All such systems will perform without material defect or error in compliance with the performance standards set forth in this Agreement. UNFI has a disaster recovery program in place to ensure that, in the event of a catastrophic destruction of any portion of UNFI’s computer systems, wherever located, UNFI will be able to recover all necessary data to continue to perform its obligations hereunder in substantially the time frames contemplated herein.
Systems BlackRock shall retain title to and ownership of any and all of its own data bases, computer programs, screen formats, report formats, interactive design techniques, derivative works, inventions, discoveries, patentable or copyrightable matters, concepts, expertise, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and other related legal rights utilized by BlackRock in connection with the services provided by BlackRock to the Company.
Moonlighting Moonlighting per the Graduate Medical Education Policy on Moonlighting is defined as voluntary, compensated, medically related work (not related to training requirements) performed either; within the institution in which the Resident is training; at any of itsrelated participating sites; or at an outside institution unrelated to the Resident's training program. No Resident can be required to engage in such moonlighting activities.ACGME Requirements dictate that PGY I Residents are not allowed to moonlight. Senior Level Residents may not engage in moonlighting without prior notification to and written permission of the Program Director as per the Medical Education policy on Moonlighting. The Program Director reserves the right to prohibit moonlighting if such employment may interfere with the Resident’s duties and obligations to the Program or interfere with his/her clinical performance. In the event a Resident does moonlight, his/her performance will be monitored and evaluated to ensure compliance with the 80 hour work week restriction. Moonlighting activities, whether occurring within the sponsoring hospital or elsewhere, are not covered by Advocate’s Professional Liability Insurance as detailed in this Agreement.
Plumbing Lessee shall not use the plumbing facilities for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed. The expense of any breakage, stoppage or other damage relating to the plumbing and resulting from the introduction by Lessee, its agents, employees, or invitees of foreign substances into the plumbing facilities shall be borne by Lessee.
Metering The Interconnection Customer shall be responsible for the Connecting Transmission Owner’s reasonable and necessary cost for the purchase, installation, operation, maintenance, testing, repair, and replacement of metering and data acquisition equipment specified in Attachments 2 and 3 of this Agreement. The Interconnection Customer’s metering (and data acquisition, as required) equipment shall conform to applicable industry rules and Operating Requirements.
Infrastructure Modification of the location and/or sizing of the infrastructure for the Project that does not materially change the functionality of the infrastructure.