Auxiliary Equipment Sample Clauses

Auxiliary Equipment. 4. electronic air filters.
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Auxiliary Equipment. A. Required Equipment All Classes
Auxiliary Equipment. (1) Mounting of auxiliary equipment may only be done subject to prior written agreement with UnikTruck. Regardless of UnikTruck's acceptance of the mounting/installation of auxiliary equipment, the following will apply: Defects that may ascribed to the customer’s structural changes to the machine and which have not been approved by the manufacturer or by UnikTruck and therefore cannot be repaired under the warranty will be re-invoiced to the customer. The customer is responsible for damage caused by the auxiliary equipment and will be repaired at the customer's expense.
Auxiliary Equipment. The plant associated auxiliary equipment shall be designed and constructed to comply with the requirements described below. Control and protection equipment shall comply with the ANSI/IEEE and NEMA standards with respect to permissible variations in frequency and voltage. The system shall be designed so that the steady-state bus voltages shall be within +5% of the nominal value, even though the auxiliary equipment shall be selected with a broader range of operation. The voltage variation for the auxiliary equipment shall be in accordance with ANSI/IEEE and NEMA standards. Auxiliary equipment shall be able to accept voltage variations of 10% under steady-state conditions and of 20% under conditions of disturbance.
Auxiliary Equipment. Suitable surface preparation equipment, traffic control equipment, hand tools, and any other support and safety equipment shall be provided by the contractor as necessary, (or as the Project Manager requires) to perform the work CALIBRATION Each mixing unit to be used in the performance of the work shall be calibrated in the presence of the Project Manager or his/her designee prior to construction. Previous calibration documentation covering the exact materials to be used may be acceptable, provided that no more than sixty (60) days have lapsed. The documentation shall include an individual calibration of each material at various settings, which can be related to the machine metering devices. No machine will be allowed to work on the project until the calibration has been completed and/or accepted. WEATHER LIMITATIONS Micro-Surfacing shall not be applied if either the pavement or air temperature is below 50°F (10°C) and falling, but may be applied when both pavement and air temperatures are above 45°F (7°C) and rising. No Micro-Surfacing shall be applied when there is the possibility that the finished product will freeze within 24 hours. The mixture shall not be applied when weather conditions prolong opening to traffic beyond a reasonable time or as directed by the Project Manager.
Auxiliary Equipment. Item Quantity Communications Firefighters Metallic ID Bar 1 X Plastic ID Bar 1 X Photo ID 1 X X Wallet Badge 1 X Uniform Belt 1 X X Business Cards As Needed X Schedule G Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment Part 1 Firefighters Item Initial Issue Replacement Replacement Quantity Frequency Quantity Coverall (Fire Retardant) 1 As Needed 1 Gloves (leather fire fighting) 1 As Needed 1 Interior Structure Fire Fighting Ensemble 1 As Needed 1 ‘Bunker’ Boots 1 As Needed 1 Balaclava 1 As Needed 1 Helmet 1 As Needed 1 SCBA Smoke Spec Facepiece 1 As Needed 1 (for those required to wear corrective glasses) SCBA Facepiece 1 As Needed 1 (for those who require a mask not of the standard size) Safety Glasses/Goggles 1 As Needed 1 Hard Hat As required As Needed 1 Hard Hat Liner As required As Needed 1 Safety Glasses As required As Needed 1 Hearing Protection As required As Needed 1 Schedule H Tours of Duty/Hours of Work Communications Division:
Auxiliary Equipment. 1. Provide sixteen load switch bases wired to accommodate the eight-phase signal operation, four programmable overlaps and four programmable pedestrian indications. Stacking of load switch bases is not permitted.
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Auxiliary Equipment. Suitable surface preparation equipment, traffic control equipment, hand tools, and any other support and safety equipment shall be provided by the Contractor as necessary to perform the work.
Auxiliary Equipment. Roteq provides taping heads, binder units, yarn servers, capstans, caterpullers, payoffs & take-ups.
Auxiliary Equipment. 1. Rig Motors: Caterpillar or equivalent units. All units must meet or exceed appropriate
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