Guidance Sample Clauses

Guidance.  Please detail the security measures you will operate for your premises to ensure that DWP Data is protected from unauthorised access theft or damage, these should cover: - Controls and procedures to secure the perimeter of site building or office; - Controls and procedures to allow only authorised personnel to enter site; and - Controls and procedures to allow only authorised personnel into secure areas.  Please provide details of Business Continuity plans.
Guidance.  Describe the User Access Controls and Procedures in place to monitor access to DWP data, limiting access to those directly involved in the provision of the services and who need to know the information.  Please detail the encryption products used by your organisation and also provide details of the policies and guidelines in place to manage the use of encryption.  Describe the procedures and policies in place to provide secure retention/storage/archiving and destruction of DWP documentationincluding redundant media including hard disks, CD, USB or any other storage used to process personal data.  Please detail how all actions performed in delivering the contract will be traceable to users who process DWP data.  Please describe how you ensure that any system on which you or any subcontractor holds any Authority Data is secure – including back-up data. REDACTED
Guidance. Describe the policies and guidelines you have in place with regard to the use of office systems such as: electronic media, telephone, fax, e-mail and hard-copy post. This may include policies such as:
Guidance. Describe the specific processes and policies in place to ensure action is instigated when suspected incidents of misuse or breaches of security occur.  Please include details of your disciplinary policy in relation to data security. [REDACTED] SCHEDULE 7SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REQUIREMENTS This schedule sets out the Sustainable Development Requirements which are applicable to the provision of the Services.
Guidance. From time to time, MCC may provide guidance to the Government through Implementation Letters on the frequency, form and content of requests for MCC Disbursements and Re-Disbursements or any other matter relating to MCC Funding. The Government shall apply such guidance in implementing this Compact.
Guidance. The headings to the clauses in this Agreement are by way of guidance only and do not affect the interpretation of this Agreement. Some wording has been included in italics to explain some of the legal terms in this Agreement. These explanatory sentences are also by way of guidance only and do not affect the interpretation of this Agreement.
Guidance. The EPA and SCDHEC agree to provide DOE with guidance and to give a timely response to requests for guidance to assist DOE in the performance of the requirements under this Agreement.