Guidance Sample Clauses

Guidance. This communications protocol will guide all planning, development and implementation of Communications Activities with a view to ensuring efficient, structured, continuous, consistent, and coordinated communications to the Canadian public.
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Guidance. “Guidance” shall mean official guidance of the Secretary as specified in the HITECH Act and any other official guidance or interpretation of HIPAA by a federal governmental agency with jurisdiction.
Guidance. Insert the name of the Guarantor] [a company incorporated in England and Wales with number [ ] whose registered office is at [Guidance: insert details of the Guarantor's registered office here]] [a company incorporated under the laws of [Guidance: insert country if not registered in England and Wales], registered in [Guidance: insert country where registered if not in England and Wales] with number [insert number] at [insert place of registration], whose principal office is at [insert office details] ("Guarantor"); in favour of
Guidance. The headings to the clauses in this Agreement are by way of guidance only and do not affect the interpretation of this Agreement. Some wording has been included in italics to explain some of the legal terms in this Agreement. These explanatory sentences are also by way of guidance only and do not affect the interpretation of this Agreement.
Guidance. The following documents provide guidance on using the budget template:
Guidance. This Xxxxxx sets out the name of the contract manager for each party. Insert the name and role of the Authority’s contract manager. At the tender stage you will not know who the Supplier is so Clause 3.1.2 cannot be completed until preparation of the final contract for signature. Names and addresses for notices Notices served under this Contract are to be delivered to: for the Authority: [complete name and/or role and address] for the Supplier: [complete name and/or role and address].
Guidance. These Key Provisions enable the Authority to complete project specific details and to add any optional and/or extra provisions applicable to the relevant project.
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Guidance. If you require that a third party guarantees the Supplier’s performance, this must be in the tender documentation and you should check the box above. This Clause then protects your NHS body should signature of the guarantee be delayed. Supplier as Data Processor (only applicable to the Contract if this box is checked) The Parties acknowledge that the Authority is the Data Controller and the Supplier is the Data Processor in respect of any Personal Data Processed under this Contract.
Guidance. If your financial systems and/or governance arrangements require you to issue a purchase order to the Supplier prior to the commencement of delivery of the Services as is good practice, then this Clause is needed to set out the timing and status of these purchase orders and the box above should be checked accordingly. Monthly payment profile (only applicable to the Contract if this box is checked) The payment profile for this Contract shall be monthly in arrears.
Guidance. Please provide contact details of a named responsible officer within your organisation.  Please detail how you will comply with Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) – Pre-employment checks covering: identity, employment history, nationality/immigration status and criminal record check.  Please provide agreement here that, where at the written request of the authority, you will obtain individual confidentiality statements from your staff including subcontractors.  Describe the measures you will operate to ensure your personnel understand their obligations when handling DWP data including: Data Protection Act, Computer Misuse Act, Freedom of Information.  Please state what training is in place for employees prior to them accessing DWP data. [REDACTED]
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