CARD ACCOUNT Sample Clauses

CARD ACCOUNT. 9.5 The Cardmember shall return the Card to the Bank cut in half immediately upon its expiry or on demand by the Bank upon its cancellation, revocation or suspension by the Bank or upon discovery of the Card after notification of its loss, and shall not make any further attempt to use the Card.
CARD ACCOUNT. 5.1 The Bank shall render to the Cardmember a monthly statement or Cardmember shall apply for E-statement of account and/or services, Cash Withdrawals, fees and charges incurred by the Cardmember including any payment or credit made and recorded by the Bank on the monthly statement of account.
CARD ACCOUNT. 7.1 RHB Islamic Bank shall maintain a Card Account for the Principal Cardholder and each of his Supplementary Cardholder for each Card held and all transactions effected by the use of the Card and all fees shall be debited to the relevant Card Account.
CARD ACCOUNT. 7.1 All payments for purchase of goods and/or services and cash advances effected by the use of the Card and all annual fees, handling charges, additional charges, Finance Charge, Card Replacement Penalty, applicable taxes and/or late payment charges shall be debited to the Card Account in the billing currency, local and overseas, and shall be reflected in the statement.
CARD ACCOUNT. You acknowledge and agree that the value available in your Card Account is limited to the funds that have been added to your Card Account. The funds in your Card Account are held in a custodial account with us on your behalf. The funds associated with your Card Account are insured by the FDIC for up to the maximum amount as published by the FDIC, subject to the applicable limitations and restrictions of such insurance. You will not receive any interest on the funds in your Card Account.
CARD ACCOUNT. 5.1 DBS may at its discretion allow any balance on the Card Account to be overdrawn for any reason, in which case DBS may charge an interest or fi xxxxx charge based on the amount of the Overdrawn Balance subsisting at anytime on the Card Account and such interest or finance charge shall be calculated on such basis and at such rate as DBS may at its discretion from time to time set without notice, subject to a minimum monthly finance charge of such sum as DBS may set. DBS may debit any such interest or finance charge to the Card Account monthly or at such other intervals as DBS may at its discretion determine. However, nothing in this Agreement shall impose any obligation on DBS to make or provide any loans, advances or credit facility on the Card Account.
CARD ACCOUNT. 12.2.1. For the purpose of conducting transactions with a card on the basis of Account Holder’s (Client’s) application, the Banks opens an Account (referred to as “Card Account”) to the Account Holder, prepares the card(s) and related to it servives Account Holder undertakes the liabilities to follow conditions stipulated by present Agreement for using Card Account.
CARD ACCOUNT. 6.1 The Bank may charge and debit the Card Account with the Total Indebtedness, regardless of whether the Card Transaction was made by the Cardmember or by any other person by use of your Card, and whether with or without your knowledge or authority.
CARD ACCOUNT. The Account Owner acknowledges and agrees that the value available in the Card Account is limited to the funds that have been added to that account as described by the funding process as described in Section 5.3 (Funding of the Card Account). The Account Owner will not receive any interest on the funds in the Card Account.
CARD ACCOUNT. 2.1. Agreement is concluded on the grounds of Customer’s Application subject to Cardpay’s approval.