Fisheries Sample Clauses

Fisheries. NMFS will account for Member harvests of Allocated Species as harvests of the Sector’s ACE, regardless of whether such harvests are made during directed groundfish fishing trips or during other fishing trips, unless the Allocated Species harvest is managed under another management plan or as a sub‐component annual catch limit (“ACL”) of Amendment 16 Allocated Species. Each Active Member shall report every fishing trip by such Member to the Manager prior to sailing, for determination whether the related Allocated Species harvest must be accounted for to NMFS as harvest of the Sector’s ACE.
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Fisheries. The Parties shall explore the possibility of identifying mutually beneficial areas of common interest in the fisheries sector. Cooperation shall take due account of priority areas related to the Community acquis in the field of fisheries, including the respect of international obligations concerning International and Regional Fisheries Organisation rules of management and conservation of fishery resources.
Fisheries. 1. In view of the importance of fisheries policy in the relations between them, the Parties undertake to develop closer economic and technical collaboration, possibly leading to bilateral and/or multilateral agreements covering fisheries on the high seas.
Fisheries. Cooperation in this area shall aim at promoting sustainable management and use of fisheries resources in the long-term interest of both Parties. This will be achieved by exchanges of information and the design and implementation of agreed arrangements which may address the economic, commercial, developmental, scientific and technical aspirations of the Parties. These arrangements will be set out in a separate mutually beneficial fisheries agreement which the Parties undertake to seek to complete as soon as possible.
Fisheries. 1. The Parties shall promote dialogue and enhance cooperation on fisheries policies in accordance with the precautionary and ecosystem approaches, with a view to promoting long-term conservation, effective management and sustainable use of fishery resources based on the best scientific information available.
Fisheries. Article 22. The provisions of this chapter shall apply to fishery products originating in the Community and in Poland, which are covered by Regulation (EEC) No 3687/91 on the common organization of the market in the sector of fishery products.
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Fisheries. 85. The National Government will provide for the autonomous Bougainville Government to be represented on:
Fisheries. 1. This sphere includes, inter alia, licensing of fishermen, marine agriculture and vessels, permits, in the Gaza Strip.
Fisheries. Article 21. The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to fishery products originating in the Community and in Estonia, which are covered by Regulation (CEE) No 3759/92.
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