Fisheries Sample Clauses

Fisheries. NMFS will account for Member harvests of Allocated Species as harvests of the Sector’s ACE, regardless of whether such harvests are made during directed groundfish fishing trips or during other fishing trips, unless the Allocated Species harvest is managed under another management plan or as a sub‐component annual catch limit (“ACL”) of Amendment 16 Allocated Species. Each Active Member shall report every fishing trip by such Member to the Manager prior to sailing, for determination whether the related Allocated Species harvest must be accounted for to NMFS as harvest of the Sector’s ACE.
Fisheries. Recognising the key role that fisheries and aquaculture play in ACP countries through their positive contribution to employment creation, revenue generation, food security, and livelihoods of rural and coastal communities, and hence to poverty reduction, cooperation shall aim at further developing the aquaculture and fisheries sectors of ACP countries in order to increase the associated social and economic benefits in a sustainable manner. Cooperation programmes and activities shall support, inter alia, the development and implementation of sustainable aquaculture and fisheries development strategies and management plans in ACP countries and regions; the mainstreaming of aquaculture and fisheries into national and regional development strategies; the development of the infrastructure and technical know-how necessary to enable ACP countries to yield maximum sustainable value from their fisheries and aquaculture; capacity building of ACP countries to overcome external challenges that hinder them from taking full advantage of their fisheries resources; and the promotion and development of joint ventures for investment in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors of ACP countries. Any fishery agreement that may be negotiated between the Community and the ACP States shall give due consideration to consistency with the development strategies in this area. High-level consultations, including at ministerial level, may be held upon joint agreement with a view to developing, improving and/or strengthening ACP-EU development cooperation in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries.
Fisheries. Pursuant to Article 201 of the Basic Agreement:
Fisheries. The Sector will be exempt from calculating discard rates and including k‐all 8 for those stocks that have been sub‐divided between the commercial and recreational 9 fisheries.