Final Termination Sample Clauses

Final Termination. Unless terminated at an earlier date by mutual agreement of the parties hereto, this Agreement shall terminate upon the first to occur of the following: (a) the last Serviced Appointment is terminated, matured or expired under the terms of the applicable Serviced Corporate Trust Contract and all Trust Assets in respect thereof have been fully distributed, (b) the last Serviced Appointment is Transferred to the applicable Purchaser, (c) the applicable Seller has resigned from the last Serviced Appointment if permitted under Section 7.2 below or (d) the applicable Seller is removed from appointment or the applicable Seller’s appointment is terminated with respect to the last Serviced Appointment in accordance with this Agreement, the applicable Serviced Corporate Trust Contract or any other agreement between the parties hereto entered into on or prior to the date hereof. Upon termination of this Agreement in accordance with this Section 7.1, each party’s further rights and obligations hereunder, other than the provisions of Section 8 and Section 9, shall terminate and be of no further force and effect and no party shall have any liability hereunder, except that neither the Sellers nor the Purchasers shall be relieved or released from any liabilities or damages arising out of its breach of any provision of this Agreement prior to termination.
Final Termination. The Trust shall not terminate until the date on which Participants and their Beneficiaries are no longer entitled to benefits pursuant to the terms of the Plan, and on such date the Trust shall terminate. Upon termination of the Trust, any assets remaining in the Trust shall be returned to the Company. Such remaining assets shall be paid by the Trustee to the Company in such amounts and in the manner instructed by the Company, whereupon the Trustee shall be released and discharged from all obligations hereunder. From and after the date of termination and until final distribution of the Trust Fund, the Trustee shall continue to have all of the powers provided herein as are necessary or expedient for the orderly liquidation and distribution of the Trust Fund.
Final Termination. Final termination of all obligations, rights, and liabilities, and disagreements shall occur upon receipt by the Council of a Notice from the District saying that no work remains within the scope of the CSWPA.
Final Termination. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Option shall no longer be exercisable ten (10) years from the Date of Grant or such earlier time as prescribed under the Plan or this Agreement.
Final Termination. No Option shall be exercisable after the expiration of ten (10) years and one (1) day from the date hereof or such shorter period as is prescribed in the Plan or in this Agreement.
Final Termination. Notwithstanding any provision in this Agreement to the contrary, neither this Trust nor any other trust established in accordance with this Agreement shall continue beyond the date that is twenty-one years after the death of the survivor of all of the Beneficiaries living on the date of this Agreement.
Final Termination. This Agreement will terminate on January 31, 1996 if the Closing has not yet occurred.
Final Termination. This Agreement will, if not previously terminated, expire and terminate on December 31, 2016.