End of the Lease Sample Clauses

End of the Lease. At the end of the Lease Tenant must: a. remove all of Tenant's personal property from the Unit;b. remove all trash and debris from the Unit;c. leave the Premises in the same condition as when the Lease began, other than normal wear and tear;d. leave the Premises in a “broom-clean” condition;e. lock and fasten all doors and windows to the Unit;f. return all keys to the Premises to Landlord;g. pay any costs of repair determined by the final inspection; andh. pay all unpaid Rent and any other amounts owed to Landlord. Tenant will remain responsible for the Premises until all keys for the Premises are returned and a final inspection of the Unit has been completed by Tenant and Landlord.

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Term of the Lease Subject in all respects to the terms, limitations, conditions and agreements contained herein, the term of this Lease (herein referred to as the "Term") shall commence on the earlier of the date that the Tenant takes possession of any part of the Demised Premises or JULY 1, 2000 provided that the Demised Premises are "ready for occupancy" (as defined in Section 3.03 below), whichever first occurs, and shall terminate (unless extended as herein provided) at midnight on JUNE 30, 2005 Landlord and Tenant each agrees to sign a statement confirming the actual date on which the Term begins (herein referred to as the "Commencement Date") as soon as it is determined. If Tenant remains in possession of the Demised Premises after the end of the Term or any renewal or extension thereof with Landlord's consent but without a new lease reduced to writing and duly executed, Tenant shall be deemed to be occupying the Demised Premises as a tenant from month- to-month only, but otherwise subject to all the covenants, conditions, and agreements of this Lease.
Prime Lease Sublessor represents that a true and complete copy ----------- of the Prime Lease, as amended, supplemented and modified, is attached hereto as Exhibit A and Sublessee acknowledges receipt thereof. Sublessor represents and warrants that the Prime Lease is in full force and effect and Sublessor has no knowledge of any defaults under the Prime Lease. This Sublease is subject and subordinate to the Prime Lease, all of the terms and conditions thereof and the performance by Prime Lessor of all of its obligations thereunder, and to the extent approved by Sublessee, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld, all amendments and supplements hereafter entered into. All terms contained in this Sublease shall have the same meanings and definitions ascribed to them in the Prime Lease, unless any such term is expressly defined in this Sublease or the context requires otherwise. Sublessee shall not commit or permit to be committed on the Subleased Premises any act or omission which violates any term or condition of the Prime Lease. In the event of the termination of the Sublessor's interest as Sublessee under the Prime Lease for any reason other than a default by Sublessor under the Prime Lease which occurs for any reason other than a breach or a default by Sublessee under this Sublease, then this Sublease shall terminate coincidentally therewith without any liability of Sublessor to Sublessee. Sublessee shall only have such rights with respect to the Leased Premises which Sublessor has pursuant to the Prime Lease. Except as specifically exempted as provided below in this Paragraph 5, Sublessee shall assume, perform and observe all of the obligations of Sublessor as Tenant under the Prime Lease, to the extent that such terms and conditions are applicable to the Subleased Premises, including without limitation thereto payment (or in the case of payment in the first instance by Sublessor, reimbursement of Sublessor for payment) of all rent which becomes due under the Prime Lease with respect to the Subleased Premises only. Sublessee's performance and observance of all such obligations shall be effected so that, whenever time periods are specified in the Prime Lease for Sublessor's compliance as Tenant thereunder, Sublessee shall have so complied on or prior to such date, unless otherwise specifically provided herein. Except as otherwise provided in this Sublease, all of the terms and conditions contained in the Prime Lease, except for the provisions of 2.3, 3.3, 5.4, 6.17, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 are incorporated herein as terms and conditions of this Sublease (with each reference in the Prime Lease to "Landlord" being deemed to refer to Sublessor and Prime Lessor, with each reference to "Tenant" therein being deemed to refer to Sublessee and with each reference to the Premises being deemed to refer to the Subleased Premises); and all such provisions along with all of the provisions specifically set forth in this Sublease, shall be the complete terms and conditions of this Sublease. If Prime Lessor shall be in default of any of its obligations under the Prime Lease, Sublessee shall be entitled to all rights and remedies against Prime Lessor which Sublessor would otherwise be entitled to under the Prime Lease as a result of such default; subject, however, to the following provisions and procedures: Insofar as Prime Lessor is or may be obligated to construct or make any alterations or improvements to the Subleased Premises, to furnish any services to the Leased Premises, to repair or rebuild the same, to insure the Subleased Premises, to perform any other act whatsoever with respect to the Premises or the Subleased Premises or to perform any obligation or satisfy any condition under the Prime Lease, Sublessee expressly acknowledges that notwithstanding anything to the contrary provided in this Paragraph 5, Sublessor does not undertake the performance or observance of such obligations, but is only obligated to use reasonable efforts to obtain Prime Lessor's performance for Sublessee's benefit and without obligating itself to institute legal action or incur any out of pocket expense. If after receipt of written request from Sublessee, Sublessor fails or refuses to take appropriate action for the enforcement of Sublessor's rights against Prime Lessor with respect to the Leased Premises, Sublessee shall have the right to take such action in Sublessee's own name and for that purpose and only to such extent, Sublessor's rights under the Prime Lease shall be and hereby are conferred upon and assigned to Sublessee. Sublessee shall be subrogated to such rights to the extent that the same shall apply to the Subleased Premises. If any such action against Prime Lessor in Sublessee's name shall be barred by reason of lack of privity, nonassignability or otherwise, Sublessor shall permit Sublessee to take such action in Sublessor's name; provided, however, that Sublessee shall indemnify, defend and hold Sublessor harmless from and against all liability, expense, loss or damage which Sublessor may incur or suffer by reason of any such action, and that copies of all papers, and notices of all proceedings, shall be given to Sublessor.
Use of the Leased Property 4.1 Permitted Use.4.1.1 Permitted Use.
Sublease Term The Sublease Term shall be for the period commencing on July 23, 2001 and continuing through December 31, 2002. In no event shall the Sublease Term extend beyond the Term of the Master Lease.
Expansion Premises In addition to the Original Premises, commencing on the Expansion Premises Commencement Date (as defined below), Landlord leases to Tenant, and Tenant leases from Landlord, the Expansion Premises.
LANDLORD: TENANT AEtna Life Insurance Company Mark Chandler, Individually ------------------------------------ ---------------------------------- c/o Trammell Crow Company 12212 Technology Blvd., Suite K ------------------------------------ ---------------------------------- 301 Congress Avenue, Suite 1300 Austin, Texas 78727 ------------------------------------ ---------------------------------- Austin, Texas 78701 ------------------------------------ (P.O. Box 2176, Austin, TX 78768) If and when included within the term "Landlord" as used in this instrument, there are more than one person, firm or corporation, all shall jointly arrange among themselves for their joint execution of such a notice specifying some individual at some specific address for the receipt of notices and payments to Landlord if and when included within the term "Tenant", as used in this instrument, there are more than one person, firm or corporation, all shall jointly arrange among themselves for their joint execution of such a notice specifying some individual at some specific address within the continental United States for the receipt of notices and payments to Tenant. All parties included within the terms "Landlord" and "Tenant", respectively, shall be bound by notices given in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph to the same effect as if each had received such notice.
Sublease Sublandlord hereby subleases to Subtenant and Subtenant hereby subleases from Sublandlord for the term, at the rental, and upon all of the conditions set forth herein, the Subleased Premises.
Adjacent Premises Lessee shall pay for any increase in the premiums for the property insurance of the Building and for the Common Areas or other buildings in the Project if said increase is caused by Lessee’s acts, omissions, use or occupancy of the Premises.
Subleased Premises Sublandlord hereby subleases to Subtenant and Subtenant hereby subleases from Sublandlord for the term, at the rental, and upon all of the conditions set forth herein, the Subleased Premises.