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Emergency Departments. Base Staffing • 1 nurse to every 3 patients in department (regardless of patient status e.g. admitted, emergency & short stay) In addition to this base staffing, department will also have: • 1 triage nurse and 2nd triage RN or triage assistant RN/EN • Shift Coordinator who is a senior emergency trained RN • Mental Health Nurse – 7 days a week, based on Mental Health Service Model • Dedicated Resus Team comprised of 1 senior nurse with a recognised emergency nursing qualification RN, as Resus Nurse Team Leader • Minimum skill mix of 2 RN at level 2, or above, to be included in overall ED staffing on a shift by shift basis • Emergency Nurse Practitioner as per the model of care adopted for each individual emergency department • 1 ED Nurse Educator , which may be included as a part of other roles Country – Emergency Departments: Applicable to: Mt Gambier, Whyalla, Port Pirie, Port Augusta, Gawler, Port Lincoln, Riverland (Berri), and South Coast Base Staffing • 1 nurse to every 3 patients which includes a minimum of 1 RN level 2 in the department (regardless of patient status e.g. admitted, emergency & short stay). This ratio includes Emergency Nurse Practitioners. In addition to this base staffing, department will also have: • Shift Coordinator who is a senior emergency trained RN which can be the hospital Shift Coordinator • Mental Health Nurse - role can be available for all the hospital • ED Nurse Educator (Level 3 or above) which may be provided at local, regional or LHN level; and • Mt Gambier only - 1 triage nurse between 1000 hours to 2200 hours. Time span may be adjusted subject to agreement between CHSALHN and ANMF. Country – Emergency Departments: Applicable to: Northern Yorke Peninsula Regional (Wallaroo) Base Staffing • 1 nurse to every 3 patients (regardless of patient status e.g. admitted, emergency & short stay).
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Emergency Departments. Health services operating an Emergency Department will roster to those departments in accordance with the requirements described below for the various Groups. Group 3 and Group 4 Emergency Department staffing requirements are based on data for the immediately preceding 12-month history of presentations. Where there is a seasonal fluctuation, a hospital may staff at the level of a particular Group for part of the year, and as another Group for the remainder or other part of the year, depending on the number and pattern of presentations. GROUP 1A AUSTIN HOSPITAL XXXXXX HOSPITAL MONASH MEDICAL CENTRE CLAYTON ROYAL MELBOURNE HOSPITAL ST. VINCENT'S HOSPITAL ROYAL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL BOX HILL HOSPITAL FRANKSTON HOSPITAL GEELONG HOSPITAL NORTHERN HOSPITAL DANDENONG HOSPITAL WESTERN HOSPITAL (FOOTSCRAY) BALLARAT HOSPITAL BENDIGO HOSPITAL LATROBE REGIONAL HOSPITAL MAROONDAH HOSPITAL WERRIBEE MERCY HOSPITAL THE ANGLISS HOSPITAL SUNSHINE HOSPITAL Ratios: AM 1:3 + In-Charge + Triage PM 1:3 + In-Charge + 2 Triage
Emergency Departments 

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  • Emergency Situations If the condition is an emergency, this will be communicated to the Contractor with the request that corrections are to be accomplished immediately. The Contractor shall respond to the notice in emergency situations within twenty-four hours. If the Contractor fails to respond within this time limit, the Owner may correct the defect and charge the Contractor for the Work. If it is determined the complaint is not the responsibility of the Contractor, the Contractor shall be promptly paid for the cost of the corrective work. The Contractor shall give notice in writing to the Owner when corrections have been completed.

  • Construction Administration Redeveloper shall be responsible for all components of the Redeveloper Improvements constructed by Redeveloper including construction management, coordination of contractors and regulatory permitting and other requirements. Redeveloper and its contractor(s) shall reasonably cooperate with City contractors performing work in the vicinity of the Redevelopment Project Area including, but not limited to, Redeveloper's scheduling of its work to provide for a smooth sequence of operations. The Redeveloper will be solely responsible for payment of all construction costs for the Redeveloper Improvements as set forth in this Redevelopment Agreement.

  • Emergency Operations 6:01 In the event of an emergency which could endanger the health or safety of the public, employees shall unite to meet the emergency and shall, until the danger has been brought under control, perform such duties as may be required of them regardless of their occupation.

  • Project Administration The Contractor shall provide project administration for all Subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and others involved in implementing the Work and shall coordinate administration efforts with those of the A/E and ODR in accordance with these Uniform General and Supplementary Conditions and provisions of Division 1 Specifications, and as outlined in the Pre- construction Conference.

  • Fire Safety 9.5.1 Residents found in violation of the following fire safety stipulations not only put themselves at risk but also jeopardizes the safety of the entire community.

  • Emergency Calls IP Phones need an additional power supply to operate. In the event of a power failure it is your responsibility to ensure you have the means to make emergency calls. In accordance with paragraph 13.2, we will not be liable for any loss or damage (financial or otherwise) where you fail to do so.

  • Emergency Response Partners must develop, maintain, and carry out a response plan for public water system emergencies, including disease outbreaks, spills, operational failures, and water system contamination. Partners must notify DWS in a timely manner of emergencies that may affect drinking water supplies.

  • Emergency Closure Where there is a temporary closure as a result of an immediate emergency or a planned temporary closure due to renovations, repairs, or moves, the Employer will:

  • Emergency Care If you need emergency care, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. If you are traveling outside our service area and need urgent care, call the Customer Service number provided in the chart above or visit our website and use the “Find A Doctor” feature to find a BlueCard provider.

  • COMPTROLLER'S APPROVAL In accordance with Section 112 of the State Finance Law (or, if this contract is with the State University or City University of New York, Section 355 or Section 6218 of the Education Law), if this contract exceeds $50,000 (or the minimum thresholds agreed to by the Office of the State Comptroller for certain S.U.N.Y. and C.U.N.Y. contracts), or if this is an amendment for any amount to a contract which, as so amended, exceeds said statutory amount, or if, by this contract, the State agrees to give something other than money when the value or reasonably estimated value of such consideration exceeds $10,000, it shall not be valid, effective or binding upon the State until it has been approved by the State Comptroller and filed in his office. Comptroller's approval of contracts let by the Office of General Services is required when such contracts exceed $85,000 (State Finance Law Section 163.6-a). However, such pre-approval shall not be required for any contract established as a centralized contract through the Office of General Services or for a purchase order or other transaction issued under such centralized contract.