duty definition

duty means any stamp duty for the time being chargeable under this Act or any other Act;
duty means any stamp, transaction or registration duty or similar charge imposed by any Governmental Agency and includes, but is not limited to, any interest, fine, penalty, charge or other amount imposed in respect of the above, but excludes any Tax;

Examples of duty in a sentence

  • The terms Ex Works (EXW), Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF), Cost and Insurance Paid to (CIP), Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), and other trade terms used to describe the obligations of the parties, shall be governed by the rules prescribed in the current edition of the International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS) published by the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris.

  • The Prevent Duty Guidance requires the School to have clear protocols for ensuring that any visiting speakers, whether invited by staff or by pupils, are suitable and appropriately supervised.

  • The successful bidder shall enter into a contract agreement with M.C.G.M. within 30 days from the date of issue of Work Order and the same should be adjudicated for payment of Stamp Duty by the successful bidder.

  • Further shortfall if any, in amount of stamp duty paid as against prescribed amount for the documents executed in Mumbai City & Mumbai Suburban District be recovered from the concerned work contractors and to deposit the deficit or unpaid Stamp Duty and penalty by two separate Demand Draft or Pay Order in favour of “Superintendent of Stamp, Mumbai” within 15 days from intimation thereof.

  • B.7 Duty to Provide Information [326 IAC 2-7-5(6)(E)](a) The Permittee shall furnish to IDEM, OAQ, within a reasonable time, any information that IDEM, OAQ may request in writing to determine whether cause exists for modifying, revoking and reissuing, or terminating this permit, or to determine compliance with this permit.

More Definitions of duty

duty means duty payable under this Act;
duty means duty payable under the Stamp Act 1921;
duty means any task that an air traffic controller is required to perform by the air traffic control service provider;
duty means the compliance of the responsibilities the teacher is expected to comply by virtue of his/her taking a job as a teacher or assuming an office as provided in these Statutes;
duty means any stamp, transaction or registration duty or similar charged imposed by any Government Authority and includes any interest, fine, penalty, charge or other amount imposed with respect to the foregoing.