Departure Sample Clauses

Departure. The Renter must depart the Club in strict conformance with the Contract. Failure to do so shall result in forfeiture of the a) security deposit and b) right to rent the Club again in the future. In addition, management shall contact the City of Alexandria police department to disburse the crowd and press trespass charges.
Departure. Except as provided herein, should Executive leave the employment of the Corporation, Executive will neither take nor retain, without prior written authorization from the Corporation, any papers, client lists, fee books, client records, files, or other documents or copies thereof or other confidential information of any kind belonging to the Corporation pertaining to the Corporation's clients, business, sales, financial condition, or products. Without limiting other possible remedies to the Corporation for the breach of this covenant, Executive agrees that injunctive or other equitable relief shall be available to enforce this covenant, such relief to be without the necessity of posting a bond, cash or otherwise. Executive further agrees that if any restriction contained in this paragraph is held by any court to be unenforceable or unreasonable, a lesser restriction shall be enforced in its place and remaining restrictions contained herein shall be enforced independently of each other.
Departure. A Departure comprises the movement of an Aircraft from the blocks for the purpose of an intended scheduled revenue flight provided that there can be only one Departure for each intended flight.
Departure. 6.1 On departing the Holiday Accommodation, the Hirer and/or Group shall ensure that this is left clean and tidy and in a similar condition to when they arrived.
Departure. Employee hereby acknowledges and agrees that he ceased to be (i) an employee of Company and (ii) an officer of Company, in each case, effective as of the Separation Date.
Departure. The Customer shall ensure that the Vessel shall be removed from the Terminal promptly upon completion of such loading or unloading or, sooner if necessary for compliance with the requirements of the competent authorities or where deemed necessary by the Operator to facilitate other operations at the Terminal.
Departure. When leaving the Apartment or changing Rooms at any time of the year, all Tenants must complete the following procedures in order for their Room to be considered vacated:  Remove all personal belongings  Remove all refuse and discarded material and leave the Bedroom and Apartment as clean as it was upon move-in  Return all issued key fobs, bedroom and mailbox keys and complete appropriate forms  Tenants should forward mail with the USPS, CBC is not responsible for mail after move-out