Declaration of Distributions Sample Clauses

Declaration of Distributions. Distributions upon the Shares of the Fund may, subject to the provisions of the Partnership Agreement, if any, be declared by the Board at any regular or special meeting, pursuant to applicable law. Distributions may be paid in cash, in property, or in Shares of the Fund.
Declaration of Distributions. Each Distribution payable to holders of Units or other securities of the Company as provided in this ARTICLE X shall first be declared by the Board prior to the payment thereof, and may be declared on, or not more than 45 days prior to, the date the distribution is to be made. A record holder of the Units or other applicable securities on the declaration date of a Distribution shall be entitled to receive such Distribution and, subject to applicable law, such holder shall have the status of, and shall be entitled to all remedies available to, a creditor of the Company with respect to the Distribution.

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  • Taxation of Distributions The taxation of Roth IRA distributions depends on whether the distribution is a qualified distribution or a nonqualified distribution.

  • Allocation of Distributions Initially, distributions shall be made by the Managing Owner, and the Managing Owner shall have sole discretion in determining the amount and frequency of distributions, other than redemptions, which a Series shall make with respect to the Interests; provided, however, that a Series shall not make any distribution that violates the Business Trust Statute. The aggregate distributions made in a Fiscal Year (other than distributions on termination, which shall be allocated in the manner described in Article VIII) shall be allocated among the holders of record of Interests in the ratio in which the number of Interests held of record by each of them bears to the number of Interests held of record by all of the Interestholders as of the record date of such distribution; provided, further, however, that any distribution made in respect of an Interest shall not exceed the book capital account for such Interest.

  • Return of Distributions In accordance with the Act and the laws of the State of Delaware, a Member may, under certain circumstances, be required to return amounts previously distributed to such Member. It is the intent of the Members that no distribution to any Member pursuant to ARTICLE IV shall be deemed a return of money or other property paid or distributed in violation of the Act. The payment of any such money or distribution of any such property to a Member shall be deemed to be a compromise within the meaning of Section 18-502(b) of the Act, and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any Member receiving any such money or property shall not be required to return any such money or property to the Company or any other Person. However, if any court of competent jurisdiction holds that, notwithstanding the provisions of this Agreement, any Member is obligated to make any such payment, such obligation shall be the obligation of such Member and not of any other Member.

  • Payment of Distributions Subject to the rights of Holders of Parity Preferred Units as to the payment of distributions, pursuant to Section 5.1, the General Partner, as holder of the Series G Preferred Units, will be entitled to receive, when, as and if declared by the Partnership acting through the General Partner, out of Available Cash, cumulative preferential cash distributions in an amount equal to the Series G Priority Return. Such distributions shall be cumulative, shall accrue from the original date of issuance and will be payable (i) quarterly (such quarterly periods for purposes of payment and accrual will be the quarterly periods ending on the dates specified in this sentence and not calendar quarters) in arrears, on the last calendar day of March, June, September and December, of each year commencing on June 28, 2013, and, (ii), in the event of a redemption of Series G Preferred Units, on the redemption date (each a “Series G Preferred Unit Distribution Payment Date”). If any date on which distributions are to be made on the Series G Preferred Units is not a Business Day, then payment of the distribution to be made on such date will be made on the next succeeding day that is a Business Day (and without any interest or other payment in respect of any such delay) except that, if such Business Day is in the next succeeding calendar year, such payment shall be made on the immediately preceding Business Day, in each case with the same force and effect as if made on such date.

  • Requirement and Characterization of Distributions; Distributions to Record Holders (a) Within 45 days following the end of each Quarter commencing with the Quarter ending on September 30, 2005, an amount equal to 100% of Available Cash with respect to such Quarter shall, subject to Section 17-607 of the Delaware Act, be distributed in accordance with this Article VI by the Partnership to the Partners as of the Record Date selected by the General Partner. All amounts of Available Cash distributed by the Partnership on any date from any source shall be deemed to be Operating Surplus until the sum of all amounts of Available Cash theretofore distributed by the Partnership to the Partners pursuant to Section 6.4 equals the Operating Surplus from the Closing Date through the close of the immediately preceding Quarter. Any remaining amounts of Available Cash distributed by the Partnership on such date shall, except as otherwise provided in Section 6.5, be deemed to be “Capital Surplus.” All distributions required to be made under this Agreement shall be made subject to Section 17-607 of the Delaware Act.

  • Form of Distributions All Plan Shares, together with any Shares representing stock dividends, shall be distributed in the form of Common Stock. One share of Common Stock shall be given for each Plan Share earned and distributable. Payments representing cash dividends shall be made in cash.

  • Priorities of Distributions Section 5.03

  • ALLOCATION OF DISTRIBUTION FEE Assuming that the Distribution Fee remains constant over time so that Part IV hereof does not become operative:

  • Restriction on Timing of Distributions Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement to the contrary, if the Executive is considered a Specified Employee at Termination of Employment under such procedures as established by the Company in accordance with Section 409A of the Code, benefit distributions that are made upon Termination of Employment may not commence earlier than six (6) months after the date of such Termination of Employment, or if earlier, the date of death. Therefore, in the event this Section 2.5 is applicable to the Executive, any distribution which would otherwise be paid to the Executive within the first six months following the Termination of Employment shall be accumulated and paid in a lump sum on the first day of the seventh month following the Termination of Employment, or, if earlier, within sixty (60) days from the date of the Executive’s death. All subsequent distributions shall be paid in the manner specified.

  • Distribution of Prospectuses The Dealer Manager is familiar with Rule 15c2-8 under the Exchange Act, relating to the distribution of preliminary and final Prospectuses, and confirms that it has complied and will comply therewith.