Amounts Outstanding Sample Clauses

Amounts Outstanding. Under the Original Credit Agreement Deemed to Be Loans Under This Agreement......................................................19 ARTICLE V REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES
Amounts Outstanding. The Borrowers and Lender hereby acknowledge and agree that, as of the Amendment Effective Date after giving effect to the transactions set forth in this Agreement, including the Principal Payment, the outstanding principal and interest amounts owed to the Lender under the Loan Agreement is $6,862,364.21, comprised of (a) outstanding principal amount of $6,589,361.77 and (b) accrued and unpaid interest amount of $273,002.44.
Amounts Outstanding. The Borrower and the other Credit Parties each acknowledges and agrees that the aggregate principal amount of the outstanding Loans under and as defined in the Credit Agreement is equal to at least $133,250,569.16 as of the date hereof and the aggregate face amount of outstanding Letters of Credit is at least $12,050,000 as of the date hereof. The foregoing amount does not include any of the interest, fees, costs, and expenses to which the Administrative Agent and/or any Lender is entitled under the Credit Agreement or other Loan Documents. As of the date hereof, all of the foregoing Obligations are outstanding, and the Borrower and the other Credit Parties each acknowledges and agrees that (i) they are jointly and severally liable for the Obligations to the extent provided under the Credit Agreement or other Loan Documents, and (ii) they have no right of offset, defense, or counterclaim with respect to any of the Obligations.
Amounts Outstanding. 10 1.8 Benefit of Covenants under this Deed..........................10 1.9
Amounts Outstanding. The Holder of this Note is authorized to record the date and amount of each Loan evidenced by this Note, the date and amount of each payment or prepayment of principal hereof and the interest rate with respect thereto on a separate schedule, and any such schedule shall be conclusive and binding for all purposes absent manifest error; provided, however, that the failure of the Holder to make any such recordation or endorsement shall not affect the obligations of the Company hereunder or under the Loan Agreement or Security Agreement.
Amounts Outstanding. For the purposes of determining whether any amount constitutes Secured Moneys, for the purposes of clause 7(g) and, for the purposes of clause 13.1 (and for these purposes only), the calculation of any amounts owing or due by the Trustee shall be made without regard to any limitation on the Trustee's liability that may be construed as meaning that such amounts are not owing or are not due and payable.
Amounts Outstanding. The parties hereto agree that there shall be no limit on the number of Properties or the value or the cost of acquisition or construction thereof; provided that (i) at no time shall the aggregate amount of Advances outstanding with respect to Store Land Property exceed $50,000,000; (ii) the aggregate Property Cost of all the Properties must at all times equal (x) the aggregate principal amount of the Loans outstanding plus (y) the aggregate Investor Contribution; (iii) at no time shall the aggregate principal amount of the Loans outstanding exceed the aggregate Commitments; and (iv) at no time shall the aggregate Investor Contributions outstanding exceed the aggre gate Investor Commitments.
Amounts Outstanding. Obligors hereby acknowledge and agree that (a) ------------------- as of February 2, 1995, the principal amount of the Loan outstanding is $3,445,843.55 and the accrued and unpaid interest is $1,165.40, and (b) as of the date of execution hereof by Obligors, there are no defenses, claims or offsets to payment of such principal amount and the other indebtedness evidenced by the Note.
Amounts Outstanding. As of the close of business on February 29, 2000, the outstanding principal balance of (x) the Syndicated Loans was an aggregate of $100,000,000; and (y) Money Market Loans was an aggregate of $13,000,000. The outstanding principal balance of each of the foregoing Loans is due and owing, without defense, counterclaim, recoupment or offset. To the extent that such defense, counterclaim, recoupment or right of offset exists, the same are hereby waived and forever released.
Amounts Outstanding. It is agreed between the parties that these invoices (as parent) for settlement of subsidiary amounts owed as follows: Unified Assets Inc. $ 617,515 Lando Technologies Inc. $ 573,875 TEKM Services Inc. $ 156,506 shall be set off against the 50,000 Cytta Shares issued as contemplated herein. It is further agreed that the value of the 50,000 Cytta Shares are equivalent to the total of the amounts owed.