Convertible Currency definition

Convertible Currency means any currency so designated by ADB at any time;
Convertible Currency means any freely convertible and transferable currency.
Convertible Currency means currency which is freely negotiable and transferable in international exchange markets at exchange rate margins consistent with the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund;

Examples of Convertible Currency in a sentence

All sums due to the STATE or to the CONTRACTOR under this Contract shall be payable in U.S. Dollars, except for mutual written agreement of the Parties on the choice of another Convertible Currency.

The STATE shall have the right to request the payment for sales of its share of production handled by the CONTRACTOR in U.S. Dollars or in the Convertible Currency in which the transaction took place.

India’s subscription comes to US$ 216.20 million for 17,921 shares to be paid up in five annual instalments.40% of this is to be paid in Convertible Currency and 60% byway of Promissory Notes.

More Definitions of Convertible Currency

Convertible Currency means such currency as the Board may determine;
Convertible Currency means a currency which is widely traded in international foreign exchange markets (as determined, in the absence of agreement between all the parties hereto, by expert determination in accordance with Article 44 hereof).
Convertible Currency means any currency other than the CFA Franc which is freely convertible on international exchange markets, acceptable to the Party who requests a payment in convertible currency.
Convertible Currency means currency of a country which has accepted the obligations imposed by Article VIII of the International Monetary Fund Agreement.
Convertible Currency means foreign currency denominated in Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Danish Kroner, Euros, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, Norwegian Kroner, Singapore Dollars, Swedish Kroner, Swiss Francs, United Kingdom Pound Sterling, or United States Dollars;
Convertible Currency means a currency which is freely convertible into other convertible currencies and freely transferable at any time;
Convertible Currency means a currency which is not a Scheme currency; “default declaration” means a declaration made by LCI under paragraph 13(1);