Investment Account Sample Clauses

Investment Account. The Manager shall maintain an investment account or accounts in the Manager’s name (the “Account”) on behalf of the Principal, any other participating insurer affiliated with the Principal and/or the Ultimate Parent Company, an insurance subsidiary or affiliate of the Principal and/or the Ultimate Parent Company or a pension plan or profit-sharing plan of the Principal, its insurance subsidiaries or affiliates, (collectively, the “Participants”), and shall hold therein all debt obligations, accounts or deposits permitted by the New Hampshire Insurance Code as more fully described on Exhibit A, as may be amended from time to time, and attached hereto and incorporated herein (collectively, “Investments”), deposited in or purchased or otherwise acquired for and on behalf of the Principal and the Participants from time to time pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. All Investments in the Account shall be Short-Term Obligations.
Investment Account. The Client's investments will be held in this account. Subject to paragraphs 5 and 6, JOHP shall not lend the Client's investments to any third party and shall not borrow money on the Client's behalf against the security of the Client's investments.
Investment Account. The Guaranteed Interest Fund and Separate Account Divisions available for allocation of Net Purchase Payments and contract values. The available Investment Accounts are listed on page 3. ISSUE DATE. The date this contract is issued and becomes effective. MATURITY DATE. The date upon which contract benefits will become payable. If the contract is continued in force under the Optional Maturity Date provision, the Optional Maturity Date will become the Maturity Date. NET PURCHASE PAYMENT. A Purchase Payment less all applicable deductions. Deductions may include a Premium Tax. OPTIONAL MATURITY DATE. The contract anniversary nearest the Annuitant's 90th birthday. Upon reaching the Maturity Date shown on page 3, the Owner may elect to continue the contract in force until this Optional Maturity Date.
Investment Account. The Agent shall maintain in an investment account (the “Account”) for and on behalf of the Principal all money, securities, evidences of indebtedness, certificates of deposit and other property (collectivelyInvestments”) deposited in or purchased or otherwise acquired for and on behalf of the Principal from time to time pursuant to the terms and upon the conditions of this Agreement.
Investment Account. The Master Servicer shall establish and maintain an Investment Account, which shall be an Eligible Account. The Master Servicer shall deposit or cause to be deposited into the Investment Account all Qualified Loan Receipts plus any Amount Held for Future Distribution from the Collection Account within two (2) Business Days of being deposited into the Collection Account. Except as otherwise directed by the Purchaser in writing, the Master Servicer shall cause the institution with which the Investment Account is maintained to invest the funds in the Investment Account attributable to the Qualified Loans in those Permitted Investments specified in writing by Xxxxxx Mac, which shall mature in immediately available funds not later than the day preceding the next Distribution Date and shall not be sold or disposed of prior to maturity unless otherwise directed in writing by Xxxxxx Mac. All earnings and gains realized from any such investments in the Investment Account shall be for the benefit of Xxxxxx Mac and shall be deposited in the Distribution Account, along with all Qualified Loan Receipts held in the Collection Account, on each Distribution Date. The amount of any losses or expenses incurred in connection with the investment of amounts in, withdrawals from, and the maintenance of, the Collection Account and the Investment Account shall be deducted from the amount to be distributed to Xxxxxx Mac; except that, such expenses may be so deducted only to the extent Xxxxxx Mac has concurred in the selection of such institution and form of Investment Account.
Investment Account. 2.1 CAL shall duly register as a FINI with the Relevant Securities Regulator in the Relevant Jurisdiction and opens a house custodian account (the “FINI House Account”) with the Custodian., as approved by the Relevant Securities Regulator. CAL represents and warrants that it will continue to be a registered FINI during the continuance of this Agreement and will notify the Client if such status has changed as soon as reasonably practicable.
Investment Account. As defined in Section 3.12(a).