COMPENSATION SECTION. The District shall pay all of each teacher’s required contribution to the Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System (7%) as part of the total District compensation on the certified salary schedule. SALARY
COMPENSATION SECTION. 2-1 – COMPENSATION In accordance with applicable provisions of State Laws, the Employer and the Union shall collectively bargain regarding compensation of positions in the bargaining unit. Such compensation rates shall become effective when adopted by the City Council as agreed upon between the Employer and the Union.
COMPENSATION SECTION. 6.1 The Companies and DSC acknowledge that the compensation to be paid hereunder to DSC is intended to induce DSC to provide services under this Agreement of a nature and quality which the Boards of Directors or Trustees of the Companies, including a majority who are not parties to this Agreement or interested person of the parties hereto, have determined after due consideration to be necessary for the conduct of the business of a Portfolio in the best interests of a Portfolio and its shareholders. Section 6.2 Compensation by a Portfolio hereunder shall be determined in accordance with Schedule B hereto as it shall be amended from time to time as provided for herein and which is incorporated herein as a part hereof. Section 6.3 Compensation as provided in Schedule B shall be reviewed and approved for each Portfolio in the manner set forth in Section 8.1 hereof by the Boards of Directors or Trustees of the Companies at least annually and may be reviewed and approved more frequently at the request of either party. The Boards may request and DSC shall provide such information as the Boards may reasonably require to evaluate the basis of and approve the compensation.


  • Call Back Compensation (a) Call back is an occasion where an employee has been released from duty and is called back to work prior to his/her normal starting time. On such occasions, the employee’s scheduled or recognized shift shall be made available for work, except that the Agency shall not be obligated to work the employee more than twelve (12) consecutive hours and the employee may choose not to work more than twelve (12) consecutive hours, excluding meal periods, of combined call back time and regular shift time.

  • Compensation Table Attachment C of each Approved Service Order is a compensation table setting forth the manner in which the City will pay the Maximum Service Order Compensation (“Compensation Table”). Each Compensation Table is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below in Subsections 10.4 through 10.6.

  • Other Compensation and Benefits Except as may be provided under this Agreement,