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We Care. We care for our staff, the communities around us and are sensitive to the environment. HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY STATEMENT The Kenya Ports Authority recognizes and appreciates the importance of Health, Safety and Environment in the organization. The Authority prominently places Health, Safety and Environment matters as important Boardroom Agenda. To translate this commitment into actions, the Authority shall adopt a health, safety and environment policy that shall ensure: - Compliance with all relevant statutory instruments in all matters of Health, Safety and Environment. Appropriate consideration of relevant international conventions and recommendations. Formulation and compliance with rules, regulations and guidelines on matters of Health, Safety and Environment. All reasonably practicable precautions are taken to safeguard the safety and health of all employees and Port users. Appropriate systems for providing adequate information and instructions to all cadres of employees on risks to their health and safety are in place. That all work places and equipment/plant are safe and regularly inspected. All employees and Port Users assume defined responsibilities in matters of health, safety and environment in conformity with this policy. Appropriate training for all employees to enhance their performance is provided. That all Suppliers comply with Health, Safety and Environment rules, regulations and guidelines. Adequate provision for prevention and control of fires and proper use of Firefighting appliances. Adequate provision for prevention and control of environmental pollution. That Environmental Impact Assessment is carried out for all projects likely to have an impact on the environment. Provision and promotion of First Aid services and activities. Contravention of the Health, Safety and Environment Management System attracts severe disciplinary action including dismissal and/or prosecution. Review of the Health, Safety and Environment Management System to conform to changing trends. (Signed) Dr. Arch. Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx
We Care. It’s what we’re all about! Xxxxx Properties is deeply committed to superior service and unwavering quality in all our endeavors. Xxxxx Properties symbolizes our Company-wide dedication to the pursuit of excellence and guarantees every Resident will receive the finest quality product and extraordinary service delivered in a caring manner. Quite simply, we at Xxxxx Properties value superior service, which exceeds our customer’s expectations, so if you aren’t happy with your new home, please let us know. We want to make it right. If you need maintenance service, we’ll respond quickly. It’s our job to take care of any problems. If you have a suggestion, we’ll listen, we value ideas and suggestions offered by our Residents. Leasing Office Information Ready to serve! Our Associates are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to call or come in at any time. If you are unable to come in during regular business hours, we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment time that will meet both our needs.
We Care club member with kids from the orphanage in Krasno Selo.

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  • The U Matter, We Care Team can help connect students to the many other helping resources available including, but not limited to, Victim Advocates, Housing staff, and the Counseling and Wellness Center.

  • The U Matter, We Care initiative is committed to creating a culture of care on our campus by encouraging members of our community to look out for one another and to reach out for help if a member of our community is in need.

  • If you or a friend is in distress, please contact umatter@ufl.edu so that the U Matter, We Care Team can reach out to the student in distress.

  • Interventiono We Care Alert Filedo Meet with Faculty, Program Director and Advisor Level 2Second violation of academic integrity, when the first offense was level 1. Evidence suggests Student has made no attempt to improve integrity of work or students engaged in sustained or especially serious violation of academic integrity.

  • Mr Bernie Suresparan who is the founder and Executive Chairman of We Care Group commented when Anthony brought Flight Care Ltd I was interested as this fits well within the We Care Group growth plan.

  • If you are a parishioner of St. Andrew and you find yourself in need of food assistance, you are more than welcome to come to the We Care Food Pantry also.

  • Values assessmentThe Buller District Council values are: One Team; Community Driven; We Care; Integrity; and Future Focussed.

  • No motor carrier other than We Care for You is authorized to use this interstate Tariff.

  • Additional information about these procedures can be found on the We Care website, specifically at https://wecare.illinois.edu/policies/campus/.

  • Note: this interstate tariff is published exclusive for We Care for You and may not be transferred, used, sold, or copied by any other interstate carriers.

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  • Home care means care and treatment of an insured under a plan of care established, approved in writing and reviewed at least every 2 months by the attending physician, unless the attend- ing physician determines that a longer interval between reviews is sufficient, and consisting of one or more of the following:

  • Hospice Care means a coordinated program of active professional

  • Respite care means care anticipated to be provided in a nursing home for a period of 28 days or less for the purpose of temporarily relieving a family member or other caregiver from his or her daily caregiving duties.

  • Routine care means medical care which is not urgent or emergent in nature and can wait for a regularly scheduled physician appointment without risk of permanent damage to the patient’s life or health status. The condition requiring routine care is not likely to substantially worsen without immediate clinical intervention.

  • Pharmacy care means medications prescribed by a licensed physician and any health-related services considered medically necessary to determine the need or effectiveness of the medications.

  • Child care means continuous care and supervision of five or more qualifying children that is:

  • Acute care means preventive care, primary care, and other medical care provided under the direction of a physician for a condition having a relatively short duration.

  • Home care services means skilled or personal care

  • Palliative care means medical service rendered to reduce or moderate temporarily the intensity of an otherwise stable medical condition, but does not include those medical services ren- dered to diagnose, heal or permanently alleviate or eliminate a medical condition.

  • Adult foster care means room and board, supervision, and special services to an adult who has a

  • Foster care means substitute care furnished on a 24-hour-a-day basis to an eligible child in a licensed or approved facility by a person or agency other than the child’s parent or guardian but does not include care provided in a family home through an informal arrangement for a period of 20 days or less. Child foster care shall include but is not limited to the provision of food, lodging, training, education, supervision, and health care.

  • Primary care giver means a person who assumes the principal role of providing care and attention to a child.

  • Foster care services means the provision of a full range of casework, treatment and community

  • Home Health Care means the continual care and treatment of an individual if:

  • Maritime cargo handling services means activities exercised by stevedore companies, including terminal operators, but not including the direct activities of dockers, when this workforce is organised independently of the stevedoring or terminal operator companies. The activities covered include the organisation and supervision of:

  • Home health care services means medical and nonmedical services, provided to ill, disabled or infirm persons in their residences. Such services may include homemaker services, assistance with activities of daily living and respite care services.

  • Health care means any of the following intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of a human ailment or impairment:

  • Shelter care means the temporary care of children in physically unrestricting facilities.

  • Child care services means the range of activities and programs provided by a certificate holder to an enrolled child, including personal care, supervision, education, guidance, and transportation.

  • Basic health care services means in and out-of-area emergency services, inpatient hospital and

  • Medical care means amounts paid for:

  • Direct care means medical services, nursing services, or medically-related social services provided to a resident.

  • Health care services means services for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure, or relief of a health condition, illness, injury, or disease.

  • Long-term care services means the services admin- istered directly or through contract by the aging and disability services administration and identified in WAC 388-106- 0015.

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or “CMS” means the federal office under the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, responsible for the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

  • Service(s)(ing) In accordance with Regulation AB, the act of servicing and administering the Mortgage Loans or any other assets of the Trust by an entity that meets the definition of “servicer” set forth in Item 1101 of Regulation AB and is subject to the disclosure requirements set forth in Item 1108 of Regulation AB. For clarification purposes, any uncapitalized occurrence of this term shall have the meaning commonly understood by participants in the commercial mortgage-backed securities market.