Common Elements Sample Clauses

Common Elements. All common elements, including but not limited to any limited common elements, as each such common element is defined or provided for in the Declaration or other Timeshare Documents.
Common Elements. The Landlord reserves entire control of the Common Elements and will maintain them in such manner as it deems best for the benefit of the tenants generally. The Landlord reserves the right to restrict and regulate the use of the Common Elements by the Tenant and by persons making deliveries to the Tenant.
Common Elements. The Tenant and its employees and invitees shall be entitled to use, in common with others entitled thereto, for purposes for which they are intended and only during such hours as the Landlord may designate from time to time, the Common Elements. The Tenant and its employees and invitees shall not obstruct the Common Elements or use the Common Elements other than for their intended purposes and then only in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the Landlord from time to time.
Common Elements. The common areas and facilities, as defined or provided for in the Applicable Declaration and/or other Applicable Timeshare Documents, including, without limitation, the Land and all improvements thereto except for the Units that have been dedicated to the condominium or comparable form of ownership, as well as any limited common elements, as those terms are defined and used in the Applicable Declaration.
Common Elements. If any Common Elements or interests therein are taken under exercise of the power of eminent domain or by purchase under threat thereof, the award in condemnation or the price payable shall be paid to the Townhouse Association, except to the extent payable to any other Person with an interest in such property. The Townhouse Association, by and through the Board, shall have the exclusive right to participate in such condemnation proceedings as they pertain to the Common Elements and to represent the interests of all Unit Owners in such proceedings. Each Unit Owner hereby irrevocably appoints the Townhouse Association, by and through the Board and any such duly appointed trustee as such Unit Owner's attorney-in-fact for such purposes. All condemnation compensation, damages, or other proceeds received by the Townhouse Association shall be payable to the Board for and on behalf of the Townhouse Association. The Board shall disburse the net proceeds of such award on a fair and reasonable basis to the Mortgagees directly affected by the condemnation and the balance to the Unit Owners directly affected thereby. The decision of the Board as to the fairness and reasonableness shall be binding upon all parties, if such decision reasonably relates to the given facts.
Common Elements. Subject to the immediately following sentence, the Common Elements shall not be used for any commercial purposes. The Common Elements Leaseable Space may be used for commercial purposes, but only in accordance with, and as contemplated by, Section 34.1 hereof.
Common Elements. Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, the Association shall, as a common expense to each of the Unit Owners, obtain and continue in effect adequate blanket all-risk casualty insurance for the Common Elements (exclusive of the Units and Private Elements appurtenant thereto), if reasonably available, and if not reasonably available, fire and extended coverage, in such form as the Board deems appropriate for one hundred percent (100%) of the replacement cost of the Common Elements. Such insurance coverage shall be written in the name of the Association, and the proceeds thereof shall be payable to the Board, as the trustee for the Association. The deductible shall be a maintenance expense to be paid by the Person or Persons who would be liable for the loss or repair in the absence of insurance. If the loss affects more than one Unit, the cost of the deductible may be apportioned equitably by the Board among the parties suffering loss in proportion to each affected party’s portion of the total cost of repair, or otherwise as the Board determines equitable. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the insurance policy provides that the deductible will apply to each Unit separately or to each occurrence, each Owner shall be responsible for paying any deductible pertaining to his or her Unit. If any Owner fails to pay the deductible when required hereunder, then the Association may pay the deductible and assess the cost to the Owner. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, in the event of an insured loss under the Association’s policy for which the Association receives from the insurer payment for a loss sustained by an Owner who is delinquent in the payment of any Assessment or charge owed to the Association, then the Association may retain and apply such proceeds to the delinquency. Any surplus remaining after application of the proceeds to any delinquency shall be paid by the Association to the affected Owner.
Common Elements. All appurtenances and facilities, supporting elements, exterior surfaces, roofs, gutters and leaders, and all other items and areas which are not part of the individual units or their limited common elements, as hereinabove described in paragraph 3, shall comprise the common elements as graphically shown on Exhibit “C” aforesaid and attached hereto. The common elements shall also include by way of description, but not by way of limitation:
Common Elements. The Board of Trustees acting for the Association shall perform promptly all maintenance and repair work required to properly maintain the common elements of the condominium including the limited common elements of the condominium (except to the extent that the maintenance of said limited common elements is the duty of the related owners as is set forth below).
Common Elements. The Owner reserves entire control of the common areas of the Building and will maintain them in such manner as it deems best for the benefit of tenants and occupants generally. The Owner reserves the right to restrict and regulate the use of the common areas by the Licensee and by persons making deliveries to the Licensee and make such additional rules and regulations as may be enforced against the tenants of the Building and same shall be deemed included as rules and regulations hereunder, provided that the Owner notifies the Licensee in writing of any additional rights prior to those rules coming into effect.