Coastal Sample Clauses

Coastal. STORM FOUNDATION (2'X2'X5') this foundation consists of a monolithic concrete pour including a 24" x 9" square pedestal. For street light pole. (DWG#F-010)( concrete must be vibrated to eliminate air pockets)(pedestal shall be painted same color as pole) 4 20.06.01 RESET LAMPPOST WITH FOUNDATION WHERE GRADE IS RAISED NOT EXCEEDING EIGHT (8") INCHES. PRICE PER UNIT ITEM. 4 20.06.02 RESET LAMPPOST WITH FOUNDATION WHERE GRADE IS LOWERED NOT EXCEEDING EIGHT (8") INCHES. PRICE PER UNIT ITEM. 4 20.07.01 FURNISH AND INSTALL ADDITIONAL RIGID CONDUIT BEND, SIZE AS ORDERED. PRICE PER UNIT ITEM. 20 20.07.02
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Coastal warrants the rights granted hereunder do not conflict with or infringe upon any rights whatsoever of any other party. All persons whose performances are embodied in the production of the Coastal Products have been or will be completely paid by Coastal or will have provided Coastal a waiver of such payment.
Coastal on behalf of itself, its parents, affiliates, successors, assigns, agents, officers, directors and employees (collectively, the "Coastal Parties"), forever waives, relieves, acquits, and fully discharges the Tennessee Parties of and from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, suits, damages, liabilities or other remedies whatsoever, known or unknown, in law or in equity, whether arising by statute or at common law, that Coastal now has, had or may hereafter have or which could have been asserted, whether known or unknown, through and including the execution date hereof, arising out of, associated with or related in any way to the Contract or to the claims alleged in the Lawsuit (the "Coastal Released Claims"). Coastal acknowledges that the foregoing is a general release and, without limiting the generality thereof; is intended to release and extinguish all of Coastal's interests in, and rights under, the Coastal Released Claims.
Coastal and Prosper shall enter into an agreement with a mutually agreed upon backup servicer who shall be required to assume the role of successor servicer of the Cards and/or Customer Accounts in the event that Coastal elects to terminate Prosper as Servicer due to the occurrence of a Servicing Trigger Event. Prosper shall reasonably cooperate with Coastal’s engagement of such backup servicer, and Xxxxxxx shall provide the backup servicer with information reasonably sufficient to allow the backup servicer to perform its obligations as a backup servicer of the Receivables in accordance with the terms of the applicable backup servicing agreement. The Parties agree that any backup servicer shall be a service provider of Coastal upon the occurrence of a Servicing Trigger Event and that it shall require that the backup servicer at all times comply with applicable data security and privacy laws.
Coastal for itself and its successors, assigns, representatives, personal representatives, estates, partners, shareholders, subsidiaries, members, affiliates, parent companies, related companies, predecessors, assignors, assignees, principals, attorneys, employees, officers, directors and agents of any and all kind (“Coastal Releasing Party”), does hereby, now and forever, fully and finally release, acquit and discharge SRI and its successors, assigns, partners, members, representatives, attorneys, employees, former employees, present and former officers, present and former directors, principals, present and former shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, parent companies, predecessors, assignors, assignees, predecessors, tenants, related companies and agents of any and all kind (“Coastal Released Party”) from any and claims, damages, demands, actions, liabilities, responsibilities, causes of action, rents, covenants, suits, and any and all liability of any nature, known and unknown which the Coastal Releasing Party now has, might have or might claim to have in the future against the Coastal Released Party resulting from any and all contacts, leases, contracts, relationships, transactions, obligations and dealings that have occurred or were undertaken between the Parties prior to the date hereof including, but not limited to, all claims brought or that could have been brought in connection with the Litigation.
Coastal. XXX consists of approximately 900 miles of onshore gathering system pipelines in Southwest Louisiana. The gathering system is connected to numerous producing xxxxx, central delivery points and/or pipeline interconnects in the area between Lafayette and Lake Charles, Louisiana. The gathering system is a high-pressure gathering system that delivers natural gas for processing to either the Acadia or Xxxxxx plants via three main trunk lines. The processing facilities include the Xxxxxx and Acadia processing plants, both of which are cryogenic plants. The Big Lake plant, also cryogenic, is located near the XXX gathering system. These processing plants have an aggregate processing capacity of approximately 440 MMcf/d. In addition, the Xxxxxx plant has integrated fractionation with operating capacity of approximately 11 MBbl/d which is interconnected with the Lake Xxxxxxx Fractionator. The XXX gathering system is also interconnected with the Xxxxx gas plant, allowing receipt or delivery of gas. Coastal Straddles process natural gas produced from shallow-water central and western Gulf of Mexico natural gas xxxxx and from deep shelf and deep-water Gulf of Mexico production via connections to third-party pipelines or through pipelines owned by the Partnership. Coastal Straddles has access to markets across the U.S. through the interstate natural gas pipelines to which they are interconnected. The industry continues to rationalize gas processing capacity along the Gulf Coast by moving gas from older, less efficient plants to higher efficiency cryogenic plants. For example, in the last two years, the Yscloskey, Stingray and Calumet plants have been shut-down, with most of the producer volumes going to more efficient Targa plants such as its Venice, Xxxxx and Barracuda plants. Through the Partnership’s 76.8% ownership interest in Venice Energy Services Company, L.L.C., it operates the Venice gas plant, which has an aggregate processing capacity of 750 MMcf/d and the Venice Gathering System (“VGS”) that is approximately 150 miles in length and has a nominal capacity of 320 MMcf/d (collectively “XXXXX”). XXXXX receives unprocessed gas directly or indirectly from seven offshore pipelines and gas gathering systems including the VGS system. VGS gathers natural gas from the shallow waters of the eastern Gulf of Mexico and supplies the XXXXX gas plant. Other Coastal Straddles consists of two wholly owned and operated gas processing plants (one now idled) and three partially o...
Coastal. Subject to such requisite stockholder approval, this Agreement represents a legal, valid, and binding obligation of First Coastal, enforceable against First Coastal in accordance with its terms (except in all cases as such enforceability may be limited by applicable bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, receivership, conservatorship, moratorium, or similar Laws affecting the enforcement of creditors' rights generally and except that the availability of the equitable remedy of specific performance or injunctive relief is subject to the discretion of the court before which any proceeding may be brought).
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Coastal. Within the statutory time limits, the Coastal shall, in good faith, hold hearing to the of amendments to the Commission pursuant to this agreement by or t h e
Coastal. “No adjustment of the conversion ratio shall be made by reason of any declaration or payment to the holders of the Common Stock of the Corporation of a dividend or distribution payable in any property or securities other than Common Stock” * Comparing Plastics & Coastal’Clauses 8-*
Coastal. In the event that the Corporation shall be recapitalized, [consolidated with or merged into any other corporation or shall sell or convey to any other corporation all or substantially all of its property as an entirety], provision shall be made as part of the terms of such recapitalization, . . . so that any holder of . . . Preferred Stock may thereafter receive in lieu of the Common Stock otherwise issuable to him upon conversion of his . . . Preferred Stock, but at the conversion ratio stated in this Article . . . which would otherwise be applicable at the time of conversion, the same kind and amount of securities or assets as may be distributable upon such recapitalization, . . with respect to the Common Stock of the Corporation." * Coastal Questions 8-*
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