Coastal Sample Clauses

Coastal on behalf of itself, its parents, affiliates, successors, assigns, agents, officers, directors and employees (collectively, the "Coastal Parties"), forever waives, relieves, acquits, and fully discharges the Tennessee Parties of and from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, suits, damages, liabilities or other remedies whatsoever, known or unknown, in law or in equity, whether arising by statute or at common law, that Coastal now has, had or may hereafter have or which could have been asserted, whether known or unknown, through and including the execution date hereof, arising out of, associated with or related in any way to the Contract or to the claims alleged in the Lawsuit (the "Coastal Released Claims"). Coastal acknowledges that the foregoing is a general release and, without limiting the generality thereof; is intended to release and extinguish all of Coastal's interests in, and rights under, the Coastal Released Claims.
Coastal warrants the rights granted hereunder do not conflict with or infringe upon any rights whatsoever of any other party. All persons whose performances are embodied in the production of the Coastal Products have been or will be completely paid by Coastal or will have provided Coastal a waiver of such payment.
Coastal for itself and its successors, assigns, representatives, personal representatives, estates, partners, shareholders, subsidiaries, members, affiliates, parent companies, related companies, predecessors, assignors, assignees, principals, attorneys, employees, officers, directors and agents of any and all kind (“Coastal Releasing Party”), does hereby, now and forever, fully and finally release, acquit and discharge SRI and its successors, assigns, partners, members, representatives, attorneys, employees, former employees, present and former officers, present and former directors, principals, present and former shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, parent companies, predecessors, assignors, assignees, predecessors, tenants, related companies and agents of any and all kind (“Coastal Released Party”) from any and claims, damages, demands, actions, liabilities, responsibilities, causes of action, rents, covenants, suits, and any and all liability of any nature, known and unknown which the Coastal Releasing Party now has, might have or might claim to have in the future against the Coastal Released Party resulting from any and all contacts, leases, contracts, relationships, transactions, obligations and dealings that have occurred or were undertaken between the Parties prior to the date hereof including, but not limited to, all claims brought or that could have been brought in connection with the Litigation.

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  • Western LONDON agrees that it will keep records relating to its services hereunder in accordance with all applicable laws, and in compliance with the requirements of Rule 31a-3 under the 1940 Act, WESTERN LONDON hereby agrees that any records that it maintains for the Fund are the property of the Fund, and further agrees to surrender promptly to the Fund any of such records upon the Fund’s request. WESTERN LONDON further agrees to arrange for the preservation of the records required to be maintained by Rule 31a-1 under the 1940 Act for the periods prescribed by Rule 31a-2 under the 1940 Act.

  • Waste Management o Participate in recycling using the Harvard Recycles receptacles provided. Recyclable materials include paper, cardboard, glass bottles, cans, plastics 1-7, as well as fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, chemicals, cartridges and electronics. o Designate a space for employees to leave surplus or shared office supplies to reduce redundant purchases. o Arrange for surplus furniture and other large office items to be delivered to Harvard’s Recycling and Surplus Center for reuse. Occupant Education and Engagement o Install or enable software that powers down computers when not in use, and ensure that all computer monitors have a “sleep mode” enabled. o Ensure that every employee has a power strip and turns the strip with an “off” switch for electronic devices. o Encourage staff to use task lighting that accommodates fluorescent bulbs, rather than halogen lamps. o Provide mugs or encourage staff to bring their own reusable mugs, plates, and utensils for the kitchen area. Keep the kitchen area stocked with dish cleaning supplies if a dishwasher is not available. o Start a physical or electronic bulletin board for “green tips”, news, and ideas. o Ask the Property Manager for training to properly operate controls, including shades, lights, thermostats, etc. o Advise employees to dress appropriately for the weather as building temperatures will be set at the lowest or highest end of the ASHRAE standard range depending on the outside temperature. APPENDIX A

  • Energy 1. Cooperation shall take place within the principles of the market economy and the European Energy Charter, against a background of the progressive integration of the energy markets in Europe.

  • Sanitation If the Project/Service does not involve interior work, CONTRACTOR shall be required to provide and maintain adequate sanitary conveniences for the use of persons employed for the Project/Service. These conveniences shall be maintained at all times without nuisance, and their use shall be strictly enforced. The location of these conveniences shall be subject to the COUNTY’s Project Manager’s approval. All such facilities shall be installed and maintained by CONTRACTOR in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws.

  • Real Property Holding Corporation The Company is not and has never been a U.S. real property holding corporation within the meaning of Section 897 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and the Company shall so certify upon Purchaser’s request.

  • WATERBEDS The Tenant: (check one) ☐ - Shall have the right to use a waterbed on the Premises. ☐ - Shall not have the right to use a waterbed on the Premises.

  • MINES The Contractor represents and warrants that neither it, its parent entities (if any), nor any of the Contractor’s subsidiaries or affiliated entities (if any) is engaged in the sale or manufacture of anti-personnel mines or components utilized in the manufacture of anti-personnel mines.

  • Environmental Management (a) The Operator must, prior to the commencement of any Train Services (including any new or varied Train Services):

  • Real Property Holding Company The Company is not a real property holding company within the meaning of Section 897 of the Code.

  • PROJECT FINANCIAL RESOURCES i) Local In-kind Contributions $0 ii) Local Public Revenues $0 iii) Local Private Revenues $0 iv) Other Public Revenues: - ODOT/FHWA $0 - OEPA $0 - OWDA $0 - CDBG $0 - Other $0 SUBTOTAL $0 v) OPWC Funds: - Grant $43,838 - Loan $65,756 SUBTOTAL $109,594 TOTAL FINANCIAL RESOURCES $109,594