Street light pole definition

Street light pole means a pole, arm, or fixture used primarily for street, pedestrian, or security lighting.
Street light pole means a pole located on the edge of the public right-of-way containing a raised source of light whose main purpose is to light the public right-of-way.
Street light pole means wood, steel or concrete utility poles (of non- decorative or decorative nature) used to support street lighting facilities. Normally these poles will have a length of 40 feet or less and may support supply conductors of less than 500 volts and will have no other electric attachments. Street Light Pole shall not include any pole not owned by Licensor, regardless of it being connected to Licensor’s electrical system.

Examples of Street light pole in a sentence

  • Street light pole height shall be measured from the ground to the top of the street light pole.

  • Supply & embedding of 40mm dia GI Pipe (Medium class) during casting for Flood lighting & Street light pole.

  • Street light pole safety bases shall conform to Uniform Standard Drawings or as specified in the Contract Documents and approved by the Engineer.

  • Galvanize Octagonal Street light pole/ High Mast & galvonisedbracket.Bajaj/ Transrail/ Valmont/Aster.14HRC Protection Fuses/ Fuse Fittings.Siemens/ L&T/ Schneider /ABB15Selector Switches/ Indicating Lamps(LED type)AE/ Enercon/ L&T/ Neptune/ Conserve/ Secure/Keycee/ Vaishnav16Digital Ammeter/ VoltmeterConserve/ Secure/Enercon/AE/ MECO/ Universal/Rishab/ Yokins17Current.

  • Street light pole identification and specifications will be provided by APS.

  • The maintenance personnel has to check Feeder pillars, Panels, Distribution Boards, Switch Boards, Street light pole with all accessories and other electrical items as per direction of EIC.

  • Gordon (1988) offers that demand-pull inflation is beneficial to a rapid economic growth in view of the fact that the excess demand and favourable market conditions will stimulate investment and expansion.

  • Street light pole placement is acceptable within the median of a boulevard, provided adequate space exists between the pole and the traveled surface of the roadway.

  • The bidder shall install Kiosks in each Street light pole of size 4 feet Height and 3 feet wide (4´X 3´) considering not hampering to the vehicular movement on the streets.

  • Description of services, works or goods Stipulated minimum threshold _Street light pole 100% _Low voltage cables 90% 3.

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