Class B Units Sample Clauses

Class B Units. The Schedule of Members sets forth the identity of all Class B Members and the number of Class B Units held by each Class B Member. Class B Units shall only be issuable to NRG and its Permitted Transferees from and after the Effective Date. Upon the Exchange contemplated in any Exchange Election, the Class B Units covered by such Exchange Election shall be exchanged for Exchange Shares pursuant to the Exchange Agreement and, in connection with such Exchange, reclassified as Class A Units. The Class B Units shall rank pari passu with, and have all the same rights (including the rights to share in Net Income and Net Loss or items thereof and distributions made in accordance with ARTICLE IV) and be subject to all of the same obligations, as the Class A Units.
Class B Units. The term “Class B Units” means the Units having the privileges, preferences, and rights specified with respect to “Class B Units” in this Agreement, including those described in Section 7.1(c)(3).
Class B Units. Subordinated profit interests in the Partnership designated as Class B units in accordance with the terms of the Limited Partnership Agreement of the Partnership, as may be amended from time to time.
Class B Units. Participant acknowledges and agrees that references to the value of Class B Units in the Partnership in Participant’s employment agreement with Brixmor (or any affiliate) shall hereafter be deemed to be a reference to the value of the Shares (and the Cash Payment) (plus the shares and cash payment received in respect of Brixmor on terms substantially similar to those set forth herein) received hereunder for purposes of calculating the value of any severance or similar amounts payable upon a termination of employment.
Class B Units. Each Class B Unit shall be entitled to one (1) vote on matters with respect to which the Members holding Class B Units are entitled to vote. In addition, the Class B Members shall be entitled to certain additional rights as expressly set forth in this Agreement. Additional and different classes or series of Units may be created and issued to new or existing Members on such terms and conditions as the Directors may determine, with the approval of the holders of the Class A Units as required under Section 4.17 and the holders of the Class B units to the extent required by Section 4.18. Such additional and different classes or series of Units may have different rights, powers and preferences (including, without limitation, designation of Directors, voting rights and distribution preferences), which may be different from or superior to those of existing Members. In the event of creation of such additional classes or series of Units (with the approval of the holders of the Class A Units, and the holders of the Class B units to the extent required by Section 4.18), the Company’s Unit records shall be updated as necessary by the Directors to reflect such Units and the Directors shall amend this Agreement, and the Members hereby consent to the amendment hereof, to reflect (a) the sale of additional Units with such terms as the Directors shall deem appropriate, (b) the admission of the additional Members.
Class B Units. The redemption of any Class B Unit held by a Service Member (including an Affected Member) shall be effected (at the option of the Managing Member) by (x) the Managing Member contributing cash to the Company in an amount equal to the Class B Redemption Payment for such Class B Unit and the Company distributing such cash to such Service Member in redemption of such Class B Unit or (y) subject to Section 11.5(c), the Company distributing a fractional share of WMG Common Stock with a Fair Market Value equal to the Class B Redemption Payment of such Class B Unit in redemption of such Class B Unit and WMG redeeming from such Service Member, and such Service Member selling to WMG, such fractional share of WMG Common Stock in exchange for cash in an amount equal to such Class B Redemption Payment. Upon the redemption of a Class B Unit the number of Class A Units held by the Managing Member that are reclassified as Class C Units shall be reduced in accordance with Section 3.2(e). In addition, upon the redemption of one or more Class B Units pursuant to clause (y) of this Section 11.5(b), the number of Class A Units held by the Managing Member shall be reduced by a number of Class A Units that then have a Fair Market Value equal to the aggregate Class B Redemption Payment of such redeemed Class B Units.
Class B Units. Subject to Section 11.4, on each one-year anniversary of the first Redemption Date on which a Class B Unit is redeemable pursuant to Section 11.3(a), each Service Member shall be entitled to the redemption, upon written notice to the Company no later than December 1st of the year in which such anniversary date occurs, of all or any portion of such Service Member’s Retained Class B Units for a Class B Redemption Payment. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a Participant’s right to redeem Class B Units pursuant to this Section 11.3(b)(ii) shall be limited to the maximum number of Class B Units that would have been redeemable from the Service Member if the Service Member were then employed by WMG or any of its Affiliates.
Class B Units. For the avoidance of doubt and notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, each holder of Class B Units shall be entitled to receive notice of, be included in any requisite quora for, and participate in any and all approvals, votes or other actions of the Partners on a Pro Rata basis as, and treating such Persons for all purposes as if they are, Unitholders holding Common Units, including any and all notices, quora, approvals, votes and other actions that may be taken pursuant to the requirements of the Delaware Act or any other applicable law, rule or regulation, except as otherwise explicitly provided herein. The affirmative vote of the holders of a majority of the voting power of all Class B Units voting separately as a class shall be required to alter, amend or repeal this Section 13.13 or to adopt any provision of this Agreement inconsistent with this Section 13.13.
Class B Units. (a) Pursuant to Section 4.1, the General Partner hereby designates and creates a special class of LP Units designated "Class B Units" and fixes the designations, preferences and relative, participating, optional or other special rights, powers and duties of the holders of the Class B Units as follows:
Class B Units. The Class B Units shall have the following characteristics: (i) an initial Unit Capital Account (as defined in Section 7.2(e) hereof), (ii) provisions relating to transfer as provided in Article X hereof, (iii) entitlement to a share of Profits and Losses as set forth in Section 3.3, (iv) entitlement to distributions as provided in Sections 3.4 and 9.2, (v) entitlement to allocations of PBT as provided in Section 3.5 and (vi) voting rights equal to one vote per Unit.