Civilian Sample Clauses

Civilian. (1) The Board shall indemnify members, for reasonable legal costs incurred,
Civilian. During the term of this contract effective July 1, 2009 through July 1, 2013, base rate of pay shall remain the same with no scheduled annual salary increases. (*Except as specified in Section 11.0(E) for potential 1% scheduled improvement.) st On July 1 following the date on which the employee has completed twenty (20) years of District service, the employee shall receive a 2.47% pay increase in exchange for the forfeiture of three (3) vacation days and four (4) floating holidays. CSO’s will have a three (3) year pay progression with four (4) steps. The progression will start at eighty-five (85) percent of top step and move to one hundred (100) percent according to the following table: From date of hire: Beginning of first year 85% of top step Beginning of second year 87.5% of top step Beginning of third year 90% of top step Police Dispatcher Beginning of fourth year 100% of top step Progression to the top step of Dispatcher shall not be automatic, but shall be contingent upon merit performance at a level determined acceptable by Management. After four (4) years of competent or better evaluations at this step, this step shall become permanent. Effective 7/1/08, Revenue Protection Guards will be paid at a rate equal to 80% of pay steps 1-5 for sworn police officers.

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Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act The Mortgagor has not notified the Company, and the Company has no knowledge of any relief requested or allowed to the Mortgagor under the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940, as amended;
Group Health Insurance Immediately following retirement, the teacher and his/her spouse, if any, shall have the option of remaining in the Corporation’s current group health insurance plan if all of the following conditions are met as of the date of retirement and thereafter:
Health & Safety (a) The Employer and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the Home, in order to prevent injury and illness and abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act as amended from time to time.
SAFETY AND HEALTH 15.1 The Council shall continue to make all reasonable provisions for the occupational safety and health of employees. The Council will welcome suggestions on the subject from the Association and the parties undertake to consult with a view to adopting and expeditiously carrying out reasonable procedures and techniques designed or intended to prevent or reduce the risk of employment injury.
FIRE PREVENTION LESSEE agrees to use every reasonable precaution against fire and agrees to provide and maintain approved, labeled fire extinguishers, emergency lighting equipment, and exit signs and complete any other modifications within the leased premises as required or recommended by the Insurance Services Office (or successor organization), OSHA, the local Fire Department, or any similar body.
Occupational Safety and Health The Parties hereto agree to notify each other immediately upon becoming aware of an inspection under, or any alleged violation of, the Occupational Safety and Health Act relating in any way to the project site.
HEALTH & WELFARE 16:1 The parties signatory hereto shall enter into a Health and Welfare Plan for which there is a Trust Agreement, known as the Line Construction Benefit Fund, for the purpose of providing insurance benefits for eligible employees and/or their dependents. Effective the first of the month following the signature date of this Agreement, the Employer shall pay to the Line Construction Benefit Fund the sum of $6.50 for each hour worked. Hours worked shall be deemed to include straight-time hours worked, overtime hours worked, and report time not worked. Remittance shall be forwarded to the place designated by the parties hereto on or before the fifteenth (15th) day of each month for each hour worked in weekly payroll periods ending during the preceding month, together with a monthly payroll report on a form to be furnished to the Employer. It is understood and intended by the parties to this Agreement that the purpose of this clause is to establish an Employer financed Health and Welfare Trust and that contributions thereto shall not be deemed to be wages to which any employee shall have any right other than the right to have such contributions paid over to the Trust fund in accordance herewith. Failure of an individual Employer to make all payments provided for, including liquidated damages for late payments, within the time specified, shall be a breach of this Agreement and will further require action by the Trustees as set forth in the Trust Agreement. Any increase in the required contributions set forth above will be paid equally (50% by the Employer and 50% by the Employee). The amount paid by the Employee will come from their NEAP contribution.
Health Leave After one (1) year of continuous employment, a leave of absence shall be granted for health reasons upon the recommendation of a physician for a period of up to six (6) months, without loss of benefits accrued to the date such leave commences. If the nurse’s absence from work for health reasons does not exceed twelve (12) weeks, the nurse shall return to work on the same unit, shift and former full-time or part-time status. Thereafter for the duration of the six (6) month leave, upon requesting return to work, the nurse shall be offered the first available opening for which the nurse is qualified. The nurse may use previously accrued sick leave and annual leave to the extent accrued during this health leave of absence. Prior to the nurse returning from a health leave of absence, the Employer may require a statement from a licensed medical practitioner attesting to the nurse’s capability to perform the work required of the position.
Fire Safety Resident will not tamper with fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, or exit signs. Resident will promptly evacuate Residence Facility upon the sounding of an alarm or as otherwise directed by College Housing staff. Resident will participate in any periodic fire drill and fire safety training conducted by College for the Residence Facility.
Occupational Health and Safety Act The Employer, the Union, and the Employees recognize they are bound by the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, S.N.S. 1996, c.7, and appropriate federal acts and regulations. Any breach of these obligations may be grieved pursuant to this Agreement.