Award Letter definition

Award Letter means the letter signed by the Customer and the Supplier which confirms the award of the contract and which may give details of the Services to be supplied by the Supplier to the Customer in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;
Award Letter means a letter from a governmental or quasi-governmental agency (i.e. the Federal Home Loan Bank) stating that funds in a specific amount are awarded or are to be awarded to the Project in a specific time frame.
Award Letter means the letter from the Customer to the Supplier printed above these terms and conditions;

Examples of Award Letter in a sentence

  • Material Conditions (from Award Letter (10/08/2017)Update from Exec to Exec Meeting on 18/10/2017)GMHSCP will support the locality to access the additional funding of£1.7m and will underwrite access to the 2016/17 CCG 1% non-recurrent risk reserve to cover this additional fundingAgreement at the meeting that Rochdale will pull together a table of the key areas of the programme with a view from them about alternative funding options that may be available e.g. Sport England, etc.

  • These Award Conditions together with the Award Letter and the Policies constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter and shall have effect to the exclusion of any other representation, memorandum, agreement or understanding of any kind between the parties preceding the date of the Award Letter and relating to the Award or the Research.2. The GKCCT may amend these Award Conditions, the Policies and the award Letter at any time.

  • The offer comprised in the Award Letter shall be deemed to be accepted by the Supplier on receipt by the Customer of a copy of the Award Letter countersigned by the Supplier within [ 7] days of the date of the Award Letter.

  • The Award is based on the budget figures and forecasts outlined in the Award Letter.

  • Award Letter means the letter from the GKCCT to the Recipient specifying the amount of the Award made.

More Definitions of Award Letter

Award Letter means the letter to the Participant attached hereto as Exhibit A.
Award Letter means the letter from the Carbon Trust to the Contractor confirming the award of the Contract to the Contractor;
Award Letter means the letter to the Optionee attached hereto as Exhibit A;
Award Letter means a letter issued by Fairfax Water to the Contractor, providing notice of the award of the Contract.
Award Letter means the letter from us to you confirming the award of the Grant in respect of the Current Financial Year and referred to in the Particulars, a copy of which appears at Schedule 3;
Award Letter means a letter containing the information specified in clause 2.2 in such form as may be prescribed from time to time by the Trustees, sent by the Trustees to a Participant informing the Participant of the grant of an Award to him;