Change in Agreement Sample Clauses

Change in Agreement. Any changes deemed necessary in this agreement may be made by mutual agreement at any time during the existence of this agreement.
Change in Agreement. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally amend, modify, or change this Agreement, including any of the applicable commission schedules or the Supplement in any manner at any time in the future, provided, however, that any amendment, modification, or change in commissions, fees, or other compensation shall apply only to policies or contracts issued by the Company after the effective date of such change.
Change in Agreement. This Agreement may be varied or modified at any time as agreed to by both parties in writing.
Change in Agreement. By receipt of IRBsearch services, Customer agrees to, and shall comply with, changes to the Restricted License granted Customer in Terms and Conditions Section 1 herein, and changes in pricing as IRBsearch shall make from time to time by notice to Customer via e-mail, onlineclick wrapamendments, facsimile, mail, or other written notification. All e-mail notifications shall be sent to the individual named in the Contact Information section, unless stated otherwise in this Agreement.