Capital Budget Sample Clauses

Capital Budget. Any amendment that is mutually agreed upon shall be set forth in writing and signed by both parties. It is acknowledged by Owner that capital expenditures required as a result of an emergency situation shall not reduce amounts available pursuant to the Capital Budget or otherwise hereunder, other than to the extent a Capital Budget item is subsumed within the capital expenditures required as a result of the occurrence of the emergency;
Capital Budget. Not later than sixty (60) days prior to the -------------- commencement of each Lease Year, Tenant shall prepare and submit to Landlord a capital budget (the "Capital Budget") prepared in accordance with this Section 24.4. The Capital Budget shall be prepared in accordance with the Uniform System to the extent applicable and shall set forth Tenant's proposed Capital Expenditures for the ensuing Lease Year and the next five (5) Lease Years, including a project-by-project schedule of estimated start and completion dates.
Capital Budget. 1 City......................................................... 1
Capital Budget. By September 1 of each year, Operator shall submit to Owner a written Capital Budget estimate of capital expenditures for each of Owner's Generation Facilities for the next calendar year, with a forecast of budget requirements for the succeeding four calendar years. Each budget shall be supported by detail reasonably adequate for the purpose of review by Owner.
Capital Budget. As soon as it is prepared in each Lease Year, a capital budget for the Facilities for that and the following Lease Year, for Landlord's information and not for approval;
Capital Budget. Exhibit 5.6 hereto contains the budgeted capital expenditures of the Company from July 1, 1997 through December 31, 1998. Unless otherwise consented to by the Parent, the Company will make capital expenditures in accordance with such budget and shall not make any additional capital expenditures.
Capital Budget. None of the funds appropriated above may be expended for capital budget items except as listed below. The amounts shown below shall be expended only for the purposes shown and are not available for expenditure for other purposes. Amounts appropriated above and identified in this provision as appropriations either for "Lease payments to Master Lease Purchase Program" or for items with an "(MLPP)" notation shall be expended only for the purpose of making lease-purchase payments to the Texas Public Finance Authority pursuant to the provisions of V.T.C.S., Art. 601d, Sec. 9A. 1998 1999 Out of the General Revenue Fund:
Capital Budget. See Section 9.2.(B).