Cables Sample Clauses

Cables. All vessels occupying a berth shall if and when directed by the Marine Manager have all cables clear and in readiness to slack away.
Cables. The term “cable” includes but is not limited to twisted-pair copper, coaxial, and fiber optic cables. Cables are transmissions media which may be attached to or placed in poles, ducts, conduits, and rights-of-way but are not themselves poles, ducts, conduits, or rights-of-way. Nothing contained in this Appendix shall be construed as a grant of access to cables attached to SBC MISSOURI’s poles or placed in SBC MISSOURI’s ducts, conduits, or rights-of-way.
Cables. The Licensee shall label each cable placed by the Licensee in the Building Risers and any telecommunications closets through which the Licensee’s cable passes, failing which the Owner shall proceed to complete same at the Licensee’s cost plus an administration fee of fifteen percent (15%) which shall be payable forthwith upon being presented an invoice by the Owner and shall be in addition to the License Fee.
Cables. 3.3.1 The Operator (and/or authorised third party suppliers notified by the Operator to the Site Provider) shall have the right (in accordance with relevant industry standards) to install, keep installed, inspect, maintain, adjust, alter, repair, upgrade and operate the Cables over, under or through the Site Provider's Property leading to and from the Equipment and the Communications Site (the route of such Cables to be approved by the Site Provider, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed), making good any damage as soon as reasonably practicable and to the reasonable satisfaction of the Site Provider.
Cables. There is no fault with the functionality or operation of any cable used in the BT GCS Business that detrimentally affects the quality of services being supplied to customers or the on-going cost of maintenance and support of such cable in comparison with other equivalent cables, except for such faults that would not individually or in aggregate have a BT GCS Business MAE.
Cables a. All cables used for supplying power shall be strictly fire retardant, low smoke zero halogen (FRLSOH ) complying with BS- 6724.
Cables. Cables have a limited operating-life and, depending upon usage, will need to be periodically replaced. Inspect cables and fittings monthly for any signs of rust, wear, fraying or damage. If any of these signs appear notify marina personnel immediately to insure safe operation of your lift.
Cables. 1.4.1 Replace and report all cables that are cracked, damaged or distorted beyond repair.
Cables. All cable armouring of cables is connected electrically to the earth mat of the power station.
Cables. 1. Cables: Medium-Voltage, 69 kV Maximum