ADDITIONAL HBITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Except as otherwise noted, all terms in this Section apply to both the Executive Agency and Non-Executive Agency Authorized Users, the Contractor and OGS.
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  • Additional Terms and Conditions This Annex A to the Second Amended and Restated Servicing Agreement, dated October 31, 2021 (the “Agreement”), among Xxxxx Bank and Xxxxx Trust Company, as Sellers, the Bank Assets Purchaser and, upon execution of the Joinder Agreement, the Delaware Trust Assets Purchaser, as Purchasers, and Guarantor (solely for purposes of Section 9.5 of the Agreement), is incorporated into and deemed part of the Agreement in all respects.

  • General Terms and Conditions During the term of this Contract, Contractor agrees to procure and maintain insurance which meets all County’s requirements in the General Terms and Conditions.

  • Payment Terms and Conditions 67.6.1 CLEC shall pay a Transit Service Charge as set forth in Table 1 for any Transit Traffic routed to CenturyLink by CLEC.

  • Standard Terms and Conditions Executive expressly understands and acknowledges that the Standard Terms and Conditions attached hereto are incorporated herein by reference, deemed a part of this Agreement and are binding and enforceable provisions of this Agreement. References to “this Agreement” or the use of the term “hereof” shall refer to this Agreement and the Standard Terms and Conditions attached hereto, taken as a whole.

  • Additional Terms and Conditions of Award (a) Non-

  • Other Terms and Conditions You also agree to be bound by any other specific terms and conditions governing such recurring/instalment payment scheme. In the event of conflict, such specific terms and conditions are to prevail over the provisions of this clause but only to the extent necessary to give full effect to those terms and conditions.

  • Special Terms and Conditions It is the intent of TIPS to award to reliable, high performance vendors to supply products and services to government and educational agencies. It is the experience of TIPS that the following procedures provide TIPS, the Vendor, and the participating agency the necessary support to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship. The specific procedures will be negotiated with the successful vendor.

  • Supplemental Terms and Conditions The following Supplemental Terms and Conditions hereby amend, modify and supersede in the event of a conflict the terms of the Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions attached thereto as Exhibit A.

  • SETTLEMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS The Registrant is willing to resolve the violation cited herein by entering into this Agreement and freely and voluntarily waives its right to a hearing under Banking Law Sections 44 and 598 on such violations. Therefore, in consideration of the promises and covenants set forth herein, the Settling Parties agree, as follows:

  • ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT/TERMS AND CONDITIONS (a) This Contract integrates, merges, and supersedes any prior offers, negotiations, and agreements concerning the subject matter hereof and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.