Bribes Sample Clauses

Bribes. Neither the Company, its Subsidiaries nor, to the Company's knowledge, any of their respective officers, directors, employees, agents or representatives has made, directly or indirectly, with respect to the Company, its Subsidiaries or their respective business activities, any bribes or kickbacks, illegal political contributions, payments from corporate funds not recorded on the books and records of the Company or its Subsidiaries, payments from corporate funds to governmental officials, in their individual capacities, for the purpose of affecting their action or the action of the government they represent, to obtain favorable treatment in securing business or licenses or to obtain special concessions, or illegal payments from corporate funds to obtain or retain business.
Bribes. Pursuant to Section 13-1-191, NMSA 1978, reference is hereby made to the Criminal Laws of New Mexico (including Sections 30-24-1, 30-24-2, and 30-41-1 through 3, NMSA 1978), which prohibit bribes, kickbacks, and gratuities, violation of which constitutes a felony. Further, the Procurement Code (Sections 13-1-28 through 199, NMSA 1978) imposes civil and criminal penalties for its violation.
Bribes. 19.1. A bribe or attempt to bribe any employee or officer of the COMMISSION by the CONSULTANT shall be considered a fraudulent and bad faith act, and shall thus empower the COMMISSION to invoke its rights and the Contract may be declared null and void pursuant to WSSC Procurement Regulation § 6.103.02.
Bribes. If a monetary or other present is offered or given to an officer in consideration of a service rendered or to be rendered by him/her in his/her official capacity, the officer must immediately inform his/her Head of department.
Bribes. 26.1 The Commission may, at any time, suspend, delay, interrupt or stop the performance of any or all of the work of this Contract by written notice to the Contractor. Suspension of work orders shall not exceed ninety (90) calendar days and, as soon as feasible after a suspension of work order is issued, either the Contract will be terminated or the suspension of work order will be canceled or extended in writing for a reasonable time beyond the period specified in the order. If an extension of the suspension of work order is necessary, it must be evidenced by a unilateral written modification to the Contract issued by the Commission.
Bribes. Asking for and taking bribes is prohibited. (See Section 2)
Bribes. The Licensee hereby confirms that it has not, nor has any person on its behalf, given, promised or offered to any official or employee of the Licensor for or with a view to obtaining this License any bribe, gift or other inducement and that it has not, nor has any person on its behalf, employed any person to solicit or secure this licence upon any agreement for a commission, percentage, brokerage or contingent fee.

Related to Bribes

  • Kickbacks The Contractor certifies and warrants that no gratuities, kickbacks or contingency fees were paid in connection with this contract, nor were any fees, commissions, gifts, or other considerations made contingent upon the award of this Contract. If the Contractor breaches or violates this warranty, City may, at its discretion, terminate this Contract without liability to City, or deduct from the contract price or consideration, or otherwise recover, the full amount of any commission, percentage, brokerage, or contingency fee.

  • GRATUITIES/KICKBACKS (a) SELLER shall not offer or give a kickback or gratuity (in the form of entertainment, gifts, or otherwise) for the purpose of obtaining or rewarding favorable treatment as a LOCKHEED XXXXXX supplier.

  • Gratuities The Contractor will not, in connection with this Contract, directly or indirectly (1) offer, give, or agree to give anything of value to anyone as consideration for any State of Florida officer’s or employee’s decision, opinion, recommendation, vote, other exercise of discretion, or violation of a known legal duty, or (2) offer, give, or agree to give to anyone anything of value for the benefit of, or at the direction or request of, any State of Florida officer or employee.

  • Bribery Grantee certifies that it has not been convicted of bribery or attempting to bribe an officer or employee of the state of Illinois, nor made an admission of guilt of such conduct which is a matter of record (30 ILCS 500/50-5).

  • No Gratuities Contractor has not directly or indirectly offered or given any gratuities (in the form of entertainment, gifts, or otherwise), to any Judicial Branch Personnel with a view toward securing this Agreement or securing favorable treatment with respect to any determinations concerning the performance of this Agreement.

  • No Influence The Company has not offered, or caused the Underwriters to offer, the Firm Units to any person or entity with the intention of unlawfully influencing: (a) a customer or supplier of the Company or any affiliate of the Company to alter the customer’s or supplier’s level or type of business with the Company or such affiliate or (b) a journalist or publication to write or publish favorable information about the Company or any such affiliate.

  • Gifts A. GRANTEE is familiar with CITY's prohibition against the acceptance of any gift by a CITY officer or designated employee, which prohibition is found in Chapter 12.08 of the San Xxxx Municipal Code.

  • No Gifts or Gratuities Party shall not give title or possession of anything of substantial value (including property, currency, travel and/or education programs) to any officer or employee of the State during the term of this Agreement.

  • Gratuity Agency will not reimburse Outside Counsel for tips or gratuities.

  • Bribery Act We fully comply with the Xxxxxxx Xxx 0000, and will not accept any form of payment, gift or service, the intention of which could be considered to result in the improper performance of Our obligations to You. If We reasonably believe that You have attempted to offer a bribe We will terminate Our agreement with You.