Gifts Sample Clauses

Gifts. Gifts may not be charged to this Contract, whether to Contractor staff or anyone else. However, incentive items for youth clients used in a clinical behavioral modification program are allowed with clinical documentation and compliance with established County procedures.
Gifts. Employees, officers and directors are prohibited from soliciting gifts, gratuities, or any other personal benefit or favor of any kind from suppliers or potential suppliers. Gifts include not only merchandise and products but also personal services, theater tickets, and tickets to sports events. Employees, officers and directors are discouraged from accepting unsolicited gifts. Employees, officers and directors are prohibited from accepting gifts of money. Employees, officers and directors may accept unsolicited non-money gifts provided:
Gifts. In addition to the Gift ban described in Paragraph 26.1, Grantee will provide Grantor with advance notice of Grantee’s provision of gifts, excluding charitable donations, given as incentives to community- based organizations in Illinois and clients in Illinois to assist Grantee in carrying out its responsibilities under this Agreement. SAMPLE
Gifts. The Contractor agrees that it shall not offer to give or give any gift to any State of Florida employee. This Contractor shall ensure that its sub-contractors, if any, shall comply with this provision. Vendor Ombudsman A Vendor Ombudsman, whose duties include acting as an advocate for Bidders who may be experiencing problems in obtaining timely payment(s) from a state agency, may be contacted at (000) 000-0000, or by calling the Department of Financial Services Consumer Hotline at 1-800- 342-2762. Monitoring by the Department The Contractor shall permit all persons who are duly authorized by the Department to inspect and copy any records, papers, documents, facilities, goods, and services of the Contractor that are relevant to this Contract, and to interview clients, employees, and sub-contractor employees of the Contractor to assure the Department of satisfactory performance of the terms and conditions of this Contract. Following such review, the Department shall deliver to the Contractor a written report of its finding, and may direct the development, by the Contractor, of a corrective action plan. This provision shall not limit the Department’s termination rights. Scrutinized Company List Contractor certifies that it is not listed on either the Scrutinized Companies with Activities in Sudan List or the Scrutinized Companies with Activities in the Iran Petroleum Energy Sector List, created pursuant to section 215.473, Florida Statutes. Pursuant to section 287.135(5), Florida Statutes, Contractor agrees the Department may immediately terminate this contract for cause if the Contractor is found to have submitted a false certification or if Contractor is placed on the Scrutinized Companies with Activities in Sudan List or the Scrutinized Companies with Activities in the Iran Petroleum Energy Sector List during the term of the Contract.
Gifts. The Donor hereby irrevocably transfers to the Foundation the property described in the attached Exhibit A to establish the Fund. Subject to the right of the Foundation to reject any particular gift, the Donor, and parties other than the Donor, may make additional irrevocable gifts to the Foundation for the purposes of the Fund by a transfer to the Foundation of property acceptable to the Foundation. All gifts, bequests, and devises to this Fund shall be the sole property of the Foundation once accepted by the Foundation. All gifts are subject to the legal and fiduciary control of the Foundation. If any gift to the Foundation for the Fund is accepted subject to conditions or restrictions as to the use of the gift or income therefrom, such conditions or restrictions will be honored, subject, however, to the authority of the Board to vary the terms of any gift if continued adherence to any condition or restriction is in the judgment of the Board unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment, or inconsistent with the charitable or other exempt purposes of the Foundation or the needs of the community served by the Foundation.
Gifts. During the Term of this Agreement, including any extensions, the Consultant shall refrain from making gifts of money, goods, real or personal property or services to any appointed or elected official or employee of the City of Stamford or the Stamford Board of Education or any appointed or elected official or employee of their Boards, Commissions, Departments, Agencies or Authorities. All references to the Consultant shall include its members, officers, directors, employees, and owners of more than 5% equity in the Consultant;