Brand Sample Clauses

Brand. The Fund’s investment manager owns all worldwide rights to the “KKRtrademark and logo (collectively, the “Brand”). The investment manager has granted a worldwide non-exclusive license to the Fund to use the Brand as a trademark and logo in connection with marketing, promoting and operating the Fund. Neither USBGFS nor the Fund shall register or use the Brand as a corporate name, domain name, ticker symbol or social media identifier without the investment manager’s prior written consent. The Fund shall use the Brand only in connection with high-quality goods and services and in accordance with any guidelines provided by investment manager. USBGFS and the Fund shall obtain the investment manager’s prior consent for any materials bearing the Brand, or any proposed uses or variations of the Brand or combinations of the Brand with other terms or marks. The investment manager may terminate the license immediately upon written notice for any reason, including for (i) any breach of the license by USBGFS or the Fund or (ii) the termination of the investment advisory relationship between the Fund and the investment manager. Except to the extent required by applicable law, USBGFS and the Fund shall immediately cease all use of the Brand after such termination. Neither USBGFS nor the Fund shall challenge or contravene the validity of, or the investment manager’s worldwide ownership of the Brand, nor take (or fail to take) any action that may damage the Brand. All goodwill arising from the Fund’s use of the Brand shall inure solely to the benefit of the investment manager. The Fund may not sublicense or assign this license without the prior consent of the investment manager, and any purported transaction in violation of the foregoing shall be null and void. For clarity, a change of control, assumption in bankruptcy, merger or reorganization of the Fund shall be deemed an “assignment” of the above license, even if it is not deemed an assignment under applicable law. The investment manager disclaims any and all liability for the Fund’s use of the Brand outside the United States, which such use shall be at the Fund’s sole risk.
Brand. The tractors will be sold by AGCO or any of its subsidiary companies in the Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx brand only with such branding and model numbering to be determined by AGCO. Spare parts shall be branded as AGCO. TAFE will not sell MF Heritage (including 2600 series) or Centurion Global Series products in TAFE brand or any other brand in the Territory. TAFE shall comply with all instructions issued by AGCO relating to the form and manner in which AGCO trade marks shall be used and shall discontinue immediately upon notice from AGCO any practice relating to the use of AGCO trade marks in the Territory. TAFE shall obtain no rights in/to the Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx trade marks in the Territory.
Brand. The Partnership Services will be offered, promoted and packaged solely under the Licensed Xxxx (as defined in the Sprint Trademark License Agreement attached as Exhibit 8.2), except that the foregoing shall not preclude (i) the inclusion of Partnership Services bearing the Licensed Xxxx (or, if permitted under clause (ii), a Permitted Brand) in a package with any products or services offered, promoted or packaged by a Cable Subsidiary or other Controlled Affiliate of a Cable Partner (whether such package is offered by any of the foregoing or by any of their respective sub-agents or distributors) that bear a xxxx or brand other than the Licensed Xxxx or (ii) to the extent expressly permitted by Sections 6.3(q) and 6.3(r), the offering, promoting and packaging of Partnership Services under a Permitted Brand.
Brand. The Club will adhere to the guidelines outlined in “Harvard University and HBS Logo/Trademark Guidelines” (see Appendix B) and "HBS Partnership Guidelines" (see Appendix C). Non‐compliance with School and University policies may result in the Club's loss of the right to use the "Harvard" name.
Brand. (a) Subject to mutually agreed documentation between Wellington and the Hartford Funds, Wellington shall permit the Hartford Funds to use the termWMC” in the name of any fund so long as it is (i) subadvised solely by Wellington and (ii) the applicable Hartford Fund name also includes the name of the Hartford Fund family (e.g., “Hartford”). Hartford hereby acknowledges and agrees that it and its Affiliates shall not acquire any right, title or interest in or to and shall not register (or cause the Hartford Funds to register) the term “WMC” (either alone or in connection with other words or terms), which term “WMC” is and shall remain the exclusive property of Wellington. The foregoing permitted use is subject to compliance by the Hartford Funds with such use and quality control requirements and guidelines as may be reasonably requested by Wellington.
Brand. For as long as the Dogus Shareholders own at least 9.95% of the Shares, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties, the Parties agree to conduct the businesses of the Company and its subsidiaries using the name “Garanti Bankasi” or names containing “Garanti” as the context requires. Once the Shares owned by Dogus Shareholders fall below 9.95%, BBVA shall be free to conduct the businesses of the Company using the name of its choice. Where the BBVA Shareholder agrees that it would be in the best interests of the Group, it covenants to seek any necessary BBVA Shareholder group approvals as shall be necessary to allow the Group to use the BBVA Shareholder name, logo or any other BBVA Shareholder branding or intellectual property as the context shall require. Save for where such approvals have been confirmed in writing in advance, the Company shall not expressly or impliedly use any such BBVA Shareholder branding either externally or within the Group.