BEEN INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK. Non-Collusion and Acceptance The undersigned attests, subject to the penalties for perjury, that the undersigned is the Grantee, or that the undersigned is the properly authorized representative, agent, member or officer of the Grantee. Further, to the undersigned’s knowledge, neither the undersigned nor any other member, employee, representative, agent or officer of the Grantee, directly or indirectly, has entered into or been offered any sum of money or other consideration for the execution of this Agreement other than that which appears upon the face hereof. In Witness Whereof, the Grantee and the State have, through their duly authorized representatives, entered into this Agreement. The parties, having read and understood the foregoing terms of this Agreement do, by their respective signatures dated below, hereby agree to the terms hereof. Grantee: Board of School Trustees of the Center Grove Community School Corporation By: By: Printed Name: Printed Name: Title: Title: Date: Date: Indiana Department of Homeland Security: By: Xxxx X. Xxxx Executive Director Date: Approved by: Approved by: Indiana Office of Technology Department of Administration Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Chief Information Officer Commissioner Date: Date: Approved by: Approved as to Form & Legality: State Budget Agency Office of the Attorney General Form approval has been granted by the
BEEN INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK. 2.2 Repayment Schedule pursuant to the Repayment Agreement Pursuant to the Repayment Schedule in the Repayment Agreement, the Amount Owing by YKGI to MISI-Repayment Agreement shall be settled by YKGI in cash by the respective dates as stated in the table below. No Repayment Date Amount (1) (2) Amount USD RM 1 By 31 January 2020 360,000 1,472,580 2 By 29 February 2020 360,000 1,472,580 3 By 31 March 2020 360,000 1,472,580 4 By 30 April 2020 6,924,234 28,323,578 Total 8,004,234 32,741,318 Notes:-
BEEN INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK. 2.5 Dates and original costs of investment The dates and original costs of investment of YKGI for the ARSB Shares are as set out in the table below. No. Date of allotment Number ofshares Consideration Unit Measurements Issued share capital (non- cumulative) Issued share capital (cumulative) 1 31 July 2014 100 Cash Unit 100 100 2 24 October 2014 405,643 Cash Unit 405,643 405,743 3 24 October 2014 4,594,257 Other than cash (1) Unit 4,594,257 5,000,000 4 03 December 2015 1,000,000 Cash Unit 1,000,000 6,000,000 5 10 November 2017 6,724,142 Other than cash (2) Unit 6,724,142 12,724,142 6 10 November 2017 1,275,858 Cash Unit 1,275,858 14,000,000 Notes:-
BEEN INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK. THUS DONE AND PASSED by Tenant, in multiple originals, on the day of , 2017, in the presence of the undersigned competent witnesses, after due reading of the whole. WITNESSES: TENANT: Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, Inc. BY: BY: THUS DONE AND PASSED by Landlord, in multiple originals, on the day of , 2017, in the presence of the undersigned competent witnesses, after due reading of the whole. WITNESSES: LANDLORD: CITY OF SHREVEPORT
BEEN INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK. For illustration purpose only, based on the unaudited consolidated NA of ARSB as at 30 September 2019 and the market value of Property Asset 1 as at 13 January 2020, market value of Property Asset 2 as at 14 January 2020 and market value of Property Asset 3 as at 15 January 2020 as appraised by the Property Valuer, the ARSB Appraised Value is as summarised in the table below. No. Items Measurements Workings Scenario 1 Scenario 2 1 Unaudited consolidated NA of ARSB based on its unaudited consolidated statement of financial position for the nine-month FPE 30 September 2019 RM A 30,571,772 30,571,772 2 Revaluation surplus of the Property Assets RM B (1) 21,218,572 (2) 17,298,572 3 Deferred taxation for Item No. 2 RM C (3) 5,092,457 (3) 4,151,657 4 ARSB Appraised Value (4) RM D = A + B - C 46,697,887 43,718,687 Notes:-
BEEN INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK. 5.2.2 Scenario 2 – On the assumption that the Acquisition of Property Asset 3 has not been completed No. Items Unit Measurements Audited as at 31 December 2018 (1) Adjusted for subsequent event as at theLPD Pro Forma I Pro Forma II Pro Forma III After implementation of the Proposed Repayment After Pro Forma I and after effects of the revaluation surplus of theProperty Assets (4) After Pro Forma II and the Share Transfer 1 Share Capital RM 176,665,808 38,746,828 38,746,828 38,746,828 38,746,828 2 Revaluation Reserve RM 38,217,084 4,537,084 4,537,084 (3) 17,157,689 17,157,689 3 Share Option Reserve RM 75,428 75,428 75,428 75,428 75,428 4 (Accumulated Losses)/ Retained Earnings RM (170,439,027) 1,159,953 (2) 1,159,953 1,159,953 (5) 1,159,953 5 NA RM 44,519,293 44,519,293 44,519,293 57,139,898 57,139,898 6 Number of shares Unit 350,684,180 350,684,180 350,684,180 350,684,180 350,684,180 7 NA per share RM 0.13 0.13 0.13 0.16 0.16 8 Total Borrowings RM 126,621,181 60,451,562 60,451,562 60,451,562 60,451,562 9 Gearing Times 2.84 1.36 1.36 1.06 1.06 Notes:-


  • Intentionally Left Blank 5.1.2 The Parties are each solely responsible for participation in and compliance with national network plans, including the National Network Security Plan and the Emergency Preparedness Plan.

  • REMAINDER OF PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK The parties agree that, except as set forth in this Amendment, and any prior duly authorized and executed amendments, the current terms and conditions of the Agreement will remain in full force and effect. All capitalized terms not defined will have the meaning given to them in the Agreement. ACCEPTED AND AGREED: INTERNET CORPORATION FOR ASSIGNED NAMES AND NUMBERS By: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx President, Global Domains Division AMAZON REGISTRY SERVICES, INC. By: Xxxxx XxXxxxx

  • Intentionally Blank 109.11.3 Ports, If 90% YOY Volume Retention Plan Requirements Are Met Analog Port $7.92

  • Intentionally Deleted ARTICLE 23

  • Intentionally Reserved Nothing herein precludes any Beneficiary from using any share of its allocation for Eligible Mitigation Projects on Indian Land.

  • Intentionally Omitted See Section 7.03 of the Credit Agreement for these provisions.]

  • NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH AS FOLLOWS 1. In this Agreement words and expressions shall have the same meanings as are respectively assigned to them in the Conditions of Contract referred to.

  • NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOWS 1.1 The Disclosing Party intends providing the Receiving Party with certain information relating to [state the nature of the discussions and the reason for the disclosure here] (“the Project”).

  • WITNESSES THAT WHEREAS A. The Company and the Trustee have entered into an indenture (the "Indenture") dated as of November 30, 2004 providing for the issuance of 8.00% Senior Subordinated Notes due 2012 of the Company (the "Securities"); and

  • NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOWS 1. Words and expressions defined in the Amended Principal Agreement when used in this Agreement have, unless the context otherwise requires, the same meanings as in the Amended Principal Agreement and the provisions of clause 2 of the Amended Principal Agreement as to the interpretation thereof shall apply to this Agreement.